Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


They’re really the worst of the range right now, and it’s kind of a shame that the best they had for the Khanites was “sexy lady, but also a snake”.


for real how the fuck do they not have waaaay better teamkill safeguards?? I mean there’s probably 8000 other toxic community issues but base-level “can I play more than one round of this game in a row before it all goes to shit” feels like, idk, a priority?

@jaebird GW design team meeting: “y’all heard of medusa” and that was the whole thing.


This is so unfortunately true. Getting kicked after your teammates left you in a 1v5 is absolutely awful.


It’s a tricky one to balance out – if you put this in another category & let it run without a lock, it tilts the discussion in different ways. If you put it in a ‘serious’ category, you substantively increase the chances of people putting ‘hot takes’ in that are both ill-thought-out and Rule 3 bait (e.g. “I just don’t understand why people say Yakuza is transphobic”), while it being in a jokey category keeps the conversation light and encourages folks to not take each other too seriously, which has its merits and demerits.

The auto-lock is something I am personally a fan of for ensuring that, once we’re all hot-taked out, we can let this topic fall down and let someone else make a new one with a new energy later. I see this as a good thing – there’s not many scenarios where someone resurrecting this topic for a ‘hot take’ would be bringing something good to the party.

My ultimate view (as someone who has effort-posted about Fire Emblem in this topic) is that where folks feel “oh, that’s a good/great discussion”, people should use this thread as an impetus to set up a separate thread to host that discussion. We can even move the posts over if you really like them (or you can link to them in your new topic).

Your take is your take, but I do feel like this category is a good fit for this in encouraging the right level of discussion for this kind of thread.

e: this take has been left to cool over night, as putting a take into your mouth after it is fresh out of the brain oven is a good way to burn your mouth


100% fair, thanks for the long and detailed explanation


To add to this, when I had it as a serious category the tone of the thread was going somewhere it really shouldn’t have been. This thread from it’s inception was supposed to be light-hearted but folks (myself included) started arguing. Again all in good fun, but that wasn’t conveyed in the tone of the posts and it was bad.


That will never happen, I’ve made the unkillable joke thread. All I had to do was power it with



That’s why I literally won’t play the game without two friends to outvote people.

Last night I was working my way through a 1v3 and my teammates kept trying to kick me and I clutched it and then two of them disconnected.

The text chat is a nightmare. People know they’ll get banned for outright hate speech but that doesn’t stop them from spamming the same shit with some letters spaced out. It’s become a ritual for me now to immediately text mute the other team as soon as the game starts.


Wargroove is shameless wartime propaganda. War will never be groovy, my friends, war will never be groovy.


I mean, very basically, my country’s more racist than it likes to think it is, and French-Canada’s kinda that worst. “Refusing to speak english and disliking brown people” is the Quebec City meme.


What issues on these lines did Human Revolution have?


Ah, I thought you were asking about Canada itself, sorry. I’ll have to leave the HR interpretations up to @Ali because I don’t remember anything about it.


ok watch out here comes a hot one… pretty sure I burned my fingers typing it

Undertale is one of my favorite games of all time, but the central moral choice of befriending or outright murdering the other characters is so black & white that it feels meaningless – of course I’m not going to kill the friendly skeleton! Although that part of the game understandably got a lot of attention when it was released, almost everything else about the game is more interesting.


A janky 6/10 game with one brilliant idea is a better game than a perfectly polished AAA press-hailed 9/10 scoring sequel.


The WWE 2K games (especially the most recent one, 2K19) are actually pretty great, but only for a very small niche of nerds like me who have watched like thousands of hours of wrestling and think very in depth about the art of in-ring working.

They can be very buggy and are absolutely horrible as pick-up-and-play party games, which is maybe what a mass market pro-wrestling game should be, but the systems are really deep and allow you a ton of different inputs that let you pull of a wide variety of moves in various contexts. You really have to work to get the most out of it though, because the amount of systems you actually need to engage with to win a match and beat the AI is small.

The game grades your matches though, and one of the things that is huge in that system is move variety. 2K19 is one of my most played games since it came out, and the vast majority of that time is me using New Japan CAWs from the Community Creations and doing one-on-one matches vs. the AI where I try to get 5 stars. With that goal in mind, you’re forced to really think about the moves in your arsenal and how to pull off different stuff and create interesting sequences, like you might if you were an actual wrestler planning out or calling a match. I’ve had tons of matches were I lose in the end but come away really satisfied just because damn, it was a great match.


Eh. The only reason that binary exists is because this has been the entire binary in gaming since basically forever, and Undertale is purposefully playing with that limited understanding of morality and choice in games. A lot of its commentary isn’t actually about morality, but our relationship with games and media, so it needs to use that binary for the sake of its points about how we experience media in different ways and the various effects it can have on us. The no mercy run isn’t saying you’re a serial killer, it’s giving the characters within a game agency that rejects the player’s selfish desire to play with the world as they see fit at the cost of their freedom or existence, thus why some characters start to question what you’re doing if you replay the game too much.

Working in a more complex morality system defeats the purpose of its actual intents, like having an actual morality system in Spec Ops: The Line is pointless to its core meta commentary, which is trying to highlight the artifice of said systems and provoke the player in ways actual transgressive media should instead of using transgression as a style to be “cool.” A lot of that game is built around futility, a theme that would be undermined with any significant role playing system or meaningful choice within the design and flow of the game’s narrative.

Being able to select neutral options in Undertale ultimately undermines its commentary, since it’s not really a game so much about playing through a story with your given choices so much as one about your relationship to the work itself on multiple levels.


hmm, this is a really interesting way of looking at it, and I’ll have to keep it in mind next time I play - thanks for the thoughtful take!


Welcome. Hbomberguy’s Undertale video really helped me cement a lot of my thoughts here, I suggest checking it out.


thanks for the recommendation - I’ll be sure to watch it!


Sidon ain’t that hot.


extremely damp take