Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


I don’t know if this is a hot take as much as it is a counter-hot take, but almost every discussion of narratology in games and how “it doesn’t fit the medium” and how “x medium is more mature/better suited for it” makes me wanna tuck into bed. Despite the volume and, on occasion, the quality of some of these arguments, I still can’t help but think “but people are still gonna tell stories in games, though.”

Having the anti-narratology take becomes way messier when you consider just how many games are primarily that way because of scope and budgetary concerns (e.g. the burgeoning of VN / IF games coming from niche spaces). It seems a bit like gatekeeping at that point, IMHT (in my hot take).


I’m pretty sure LoZ is merely a decent series bolstered primarily by nostalgia and sheer longevity, but this take is troubling


we need more games with furries

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I’m with you. Honestly I think part of it comes from a very narrow definition of what a “story” is—like I don’t want games to try to be books or films, because I don’t think they’re great at that. But I’m a former literature student who wrote a thesis on game narratives (specifically for me with how they can represent trauma) and I do think they can do some cool shit through interactivity and narrative that books/films/etc. cannot do.


CRPG but instead of an orc I play as a bear, please.


Okami is a better zelda game than most zeldas


Radiohead is the Half Life 2 of music


Amnesiac is the best Radiohead album

The gauntlet’s been thrown folks.


That seems like the most perfectly sensible take, not a hot take.


Shenmue is underrated.


I think it mostly comes from the fact that there’s a tension between “narrative” and “choice” in video game narratives which means that, unless you’re super-awesomely great at it, you’re going to have to lean more towards one or the other; hence people complaining about narrative games also not “really being games” because of choice loss. (On the other hand, this isn’t exactly unique to video games - choose-your-own-adventure books have been doing this for decades too… but basically every other example of “narratives+choice” is mediated by a specialist storytelling system called a “human brain” - tabletop RPGS etc.)
But I don’t know if “choice” is what you mean by “interactivity”?


Hey folks, though we recognise the lighthearted nature of the thread encourages this somewhat, we’d appreciate if we could keep the hot takes to being about video games. There’s still plenty of those left to share and we’d rather the thread remained focused on those, as opposed to spiralling out into discussion of all manner of subjects.



Oh come now.

Dead Space was the only good Dead Space game. Dead Space 2 had too much action and setpieces and absolutely non of the backtracking that made the Ishimura so great a setting. Dead Space 2 was basically Isaac goes killing things down different coloured corridors. This one is blue like a creche. This one is purple because it’s a space church. I remember feeling so disappointed after finishing Dead Space 2.

I actually remember liking the first half of Dead Space 3 when you were exploring the wrecks of spaceships but as soon as it hit the snowy planetside (because y’know The Thing) it became action slogfest. Like, weren’t you actually shooting heavily armed marines later on in that game?

Of course the actual greatest Dead Space game was the light gun shooter Extraction for the Wii - later released for PS3. Fantastically explored the world around the first game that the sequels failed to do - provided an interesting retread through the Ishimura from a different perspective. Extraction may just be the best lightgun shooter there’s ever been actually.


Rogue One is the best Star Wars film? That’s not a hot take. That’s what people say when they want to try and look controversial. It’s a tedious slog of a movie right up until the big battle kicks off.


…isn’t that what a hot take is?


(yeah pretty much but I’m enjoying the mock controversy of this thread)


So, what you’re saying is that your hot take on hot takes regarding Star Wars is that the meta-hot take is that The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars film?


You can read can’t you?


Sure, so, following the same logic:

the hottest possible take is that A New Hope is the best Star Wars film, given that it’s now completely controversial to not have a controversial opinion about the best Star Wars film.

[And, taking this back to video games: obviously, on the same logic, the best Mario game is Super Mario Brothers.]


So much “deconstructive” fiction, in videogames or otherwise, is just. like. “Hey if you go out of your way to interpret this fantasy metaphor way too literally, it’s BAD, actually. Did I just blow your mind?!”


The first Witcher game is actually the best of the series.
And yes, I’m making this take, even though I only played ten minutes of the Witcher 3.