Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


Evil Within 2 is very good though it has issues for sure. I love it’s more open world structure actually works really well without giving up the more scripted moments that make the genre so fun. Really wish that first villain wasn’t so damn queer coded though


Might fuck around and make a Evil Within 2 Was Very Good Lets Gush About It thread


I’m not gonna lie I skipped the quote and thought this was about Dark Souls and was extremely confused


Same but for Dungeon Siege


Related to the recent Dead Space talk, here’s my hot take:

It is not only OK but actively good for games to change up their playstyle instead of regurgitating endless clones of the same formula with increased polish.


I thought it was about Bloodbourne, as a “Dark Souls” series game. [For which it’s sort of true.]


Bloodborne is bad

at being bad


It is messed up that Liv Ullmann never appears in any of the Persona games.


Bloodborne’s level design is mediocre to bad and heavily overemphasizes narrow paths, chokepoints, bad camera controls, and copy-pasted mobs. The blood vial system is tedious and absolutely destroys the pacing around several of its boss fights. The Chalice Dungeons are pointless timesinks. The game’s infatuation with surprise grabs and secret one-shot kills is more annoying than challenging, and if it were not as narratively and aesthetically compelling as it is, it would not be regarded nearly as well.

Corollary: the best Souls/Souls-adjacent game is Hollow Knight, and it’s mainly because it takes the good parts of Bloodborne without any of those issues, and it ditches a pointless leveling system that the Souls games maintain more out of a sense of obligation than any real gameplay reason.


For real though. I reinstalled both Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 to my PS4 recently and… Dark Souls 3 just plays way way better. Blood vials are trash garbage. Farming them is bad. If they were just a thing that refilled at lanterns when you died the game would be better.


Hot take: abbreviating Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls ed.

DaS/DeS > DS

retweet to save a life


Bloodborne is the greatest game ever made and the best piece of cosmic horror fiction ever created

Also the blood vials do suck


100%, this is why I’m still finishing it


Fact: Vulpes is upset that the real best piece of cosmic horror fiction ever created, Fallen London, made the actual decision to go with cats instead of foxes.


Good evening, new take while i dry from a shower

Tetris Effect is cool but is impossibly harder than regular Tetris because it becomes impossible to See Anything


The introduction of input lag that came with HD monitors/TVs has caused many developers to veer away from developing games that require quick reaction speeds and precise timing windows. This would only be further exacerbated by game streaming. Therefore I am not looking forward to the streaming future the way everyone else on the internet seems to be, and in fact I hope it never comes.


Weirdly enough, Effect’s usage of unified, animated tiles instead of the traditionally colored ones makes it more closely resemble Grandmaster 3’s bitter difficulty curve than any other Tetris game. Except of course in TGM3 it was used to destroy any last possible crutch the highest echelon of Tetris players could have; in Effect, it’s pretty.

It probably says something about how I approach Tetris that I played through journey mode once and promptly turned nearly every effect off.



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i knew this would happen as i was typing it gdi aaa

That villain is a problematic fave because of that for me, unfortunately. Flashy art-for-the-sake-of-art-obsessed weirdo hair-over-camera-eye pretty boy who freezes moments of hyperviolence for his pieces (Including the genuinely amazing delivery of the line “LET’S MAKE SOME ART” at a specific point) is way too much my shit, perhaps in spite of authorial intent. The violence he commits is also defos problematic (errs, though not entirely or actively on-camera, toward women (and fashion models according to lore)) so i’d be more offput by that. For instance, I love the Obscura fight but i absolutely wouldn’t blame anyone for being put off by the sound design/implications.

On the upside, despite me expecting the most dire edginess at every turn, the kid never has gross shit happen to her and instead the edgy family violence is turned towards visual metaphors for grief and marital arguments. Like most other things in the game they can be read as problematic, but subjectively it never overstepped a line for me.


The Evil Within 2 is the post-modern follow-up to MGS2. The Driving Off The Map guy said so, thus making it the new greatest game ever made