Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


The game industry should hire fewer gamers.

In general they are bought in to the common tropes and mechanics used in games for decades, and aren’t very imaginative.

The stories they write and the worlds they create are frequently very shallow.

More people outside of games should be hired. But it’s difficult to do that because most people have it better outside the game industry and most people wouldn’t want to leave a solid industry they are established in for one that pays less and is less stable.


“Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated”
—this thread


They are also the ones studios take advantage of by brainwashing them into thinking they have been gifted this once in a lifetime chance of working on a video game and should be grateful for that. So please don’t question your unpaid overtime, low salary, and lack of managements care about your well being.


No because this is a hot takes thread!


(But yes I would agree with that)


I feel like we’ve all been bamboozled.

‘Tell me your secrets. I am about to die.’

saucy secrets later

‘Lol, jk. I am immortal.’


I actually really like the way Dark Souls evolves the Zelda formula into something other than bland puzzles that the game gives you all the answers to as soon as you walk into the room and kinda bad combat all around into something with actual world design and puzzles (if you want to call them that) based around exploring an environment. And all told this is really just a matter of personal preference. Hell with Dark Souls Transphobia issues I might still recommend Hollow Knight over it. I might even call Hollow Knight the best game in it’s genre! But best in it’s genre is not a very high marker to me with Metroidvanias largely fitting into the same category as Diablo alikes and Strategy games where I just want the newest shiniest version


I should really finish up that Souls series write up. I moved cross country and have not found the time for three yet and I still need to do the chalice dungeons but damn are those boring to do all at once


Nintendo Direct inspired hot take:

I love what the academy means as a development space for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Having a social space and the concept of being a “professor” of tactics is awesome. The hot take, though?

This game’s premise is being sold on “you’re an international FBI comprised of princes and rich kids, go beat up the poor and ‘suppress rebellions’ and also choose a house of nationalism” gtfo with this fasch traaaaaaash

even if the game’s premise is “eventually the three countries go to war and choosing a house is the country you take your students to fight for” eff that, even if the game’s premise is “another continent invades so all the houses have to band together” eff that too. it kind of needs to be “all three countries are oppressive and the academy has a legendary opportunity to unmake all of them.”


Isn’t basically every Fire Emblem “uphold a monarchy?”


That or fight a dark sorceror and his dark dragon, yeah.


Undertale’s most impactful moments are 60% due to excellent game design, 30% due to great music, and maybe 10% due to good writing.


Honestly, after years of super monarchist Fire Emblems, I just couldn’t be assed to care about this one. I just have so many better things to do than engage with a work that thinks hereditary monarchy is good.


For all the shit it gets for it’s weird story writing, I do appreciate Game of Thrones for having characters at least approach the idea of democracy post-war in a fantasy setting. I’m sure there are many books/shows that do this, but in popular fantasy ‘WHO WIL BE KING/QUEEN?!’ is still the limits of a viewers imagination. This scene between Tyrion and Dany is particularly good:


Dang! I was saving my hottest Undertale/Deltarune takes until just before it died so that there wouldn’t be time to drag me to gamer hell!


every fire emblem is usually “uphold a monarchy” - but honestly i can get invested in warring monarchs. some of the games use that as the lightest framework to give the characters motivating action, and some of the games engage with exposing “good,” naive monarchs to their underprivileged or outright oppressed and a vow to “not do that anymore.” even then, the base premise is usually easier for me to relate to than the way they’re marketing this one.

honestly it probably would have been “just another fire emblem” to me if they hadn’t explicitly used the words “suppress rebellions” because that just made my skin crawl


that chipper “suppress rebellions!” was a big “wait wat” moment. I’ve never been a Fire Emblem guy, so i was only half paying attention, but that caught me off guard.

Although i’m probably a bad leftist because the big thing that made me not want to get it is how cheap it all looks. Like i’m not some sort of Graphics stan but damn it looks like a slightly uprezzed 3DS game. Like i genuinely think it looks kinda bad haha.


Fire Emblem is bad

  • Jump cut to me crying and cradling the hand painted maps I made for the first GBA one as a child *


See I don’t disagree with this either: my problem is partly that Celeste’s difficulty “assists” don’t seem to understand what makes it difficult in general. (As someone who’s never managed to complete the first level, I mean fundamental things, not needing to slow stuff down for the timing puzzles on the Resort). I think that “difficulty settings” are a lot harder than almost everyone accepts - certainly much harder than just “adding more health” or “slowing things down” - and, for a delicately balanced game like Celeste probably actually, ideally, involve reworking the game at a more fundamental level for each setting


I never got into Fire Emblem because i played on that belonged to my step brother and it opens with Marth, who looks very boring, saying some boring things about being a prince and oh know the throne has been usurped you must escape to safety : ( and then I got bored and quit.

also the art style has always been extremely plain. Like Fire Emblem characters, especially old ones, are insulting to look at when you compare them to other series with similarly large ensemble casts, like Suikoden.


Every game that has an EXP system in which stats upgrade should absolutely reward you beyond reason if you’re willing to put in the time by completely breaking the game. If I am a 100 level swordsman in Skyrim, I should be the greatest swordsman to ever grace the realm and every single enemy should die instantly the moment my blade makes contact. To hell with game balance, if I’m willing to dedicate the time you should make me feel like the unstoppable master my numbers reflect instead of just giving me ever stronger grunt enemies for the sake of balance.


If I can beat a very very very dead horse, I feel like level scaling is the issue here. Too much of it. In Morrowind you can hit a point where you’re flying through the air at 20mph constantly and killing enemies with whatever broken artifact or custom spell you have is actually quicker than killing them by typing a console command.