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Obsidian did just that and they were going to go out of business until Microsoft bought them.

I think it’s a bad thing on the whole because Obsidian was the only major studio who still showed interest in dialog and decision heavy solo-RPGs. Now we basically have nobody (and Obsidian’s future stuff is probably going to be sold on the trash fire that is the Windows Store during the oh so crucial launch period, which is basically a death sentence for PC gaming). We’re gonna have to go niche for a long while, the third party trends are swaying too much towards multiplayer right now.


People claim graphics aren’t a hindrance if other parts make up for it but if that were true Spiderweb Software’s RPG’s would be properly recognized as some of the most well written games to ever come out.


do you have any recommendations for Spiderweb Software rpgs? these seem really interesting.


Yeah, call me a “pleb” or whatever, but even after playing some of the classic CRPG’s like BG, Fallout 1&2, or P:T I found that I really kinda prefer it when there’s a bit more going on on the presentation side, at least if I’m gonna be sitting in front of a computer screen.

I would love it if all those games got ported to Switch because a mobile setting sounds like the ideal way to experience them.


One of the best parts of Spiderweb’s games is that they all have lengthy demos you can try, I personally really liked the Geneforge series because I’m a sucker for the ability to have pets/minions in an RPG.

A very important thing to note is that a lot of the older games were originally made for W95/XP so the resolution is kind of funky. The way around it is to go to the executable, right click and choose properties, then under compatibility pick “Run in 640x480”. When you run the game choose “Always change resolution” and it will auto change your resolution to the proper one.

A lot of the newer ones got iPad releases I believe if that’s a device you have.


Honestly, I think I peaked with my defense of the Duke controller.


Game subtitles trying really hard to stylize themselves like the rest of their games’ UI is really hokey, they’re usually shit to read and i wish they’d stop. RE6 is the hokeyist game in the world but somehow it’s one of the only ones with a decent readable facsimile of film-standard subs during cutscenes. If there’s anything games need to pull more explicitly from cinema, it’s this.

Audio logs are fine, and can even be interesting as a device given more context for their use. People recording their own thoughts when in a dire situation or recording comms between people isn’t actually that far-fetched? Sometimes the context is a bit silly, but even then some games use that silliness to good effect. SS2’s best audio logs are like mini radio productions where like, people being absorbed by The Many casually/excitedly narrate to themselves n shit like that. They’re so well-made that they fooled people into thinking Ken Levine is a good writer, which is a shame.


Any and all discussion of PC graphics hardware in games criticism is a) antithetical to the form, b) bowel-looseningly boring, and c) validates the consumer-first ideology of gaming’s techno-fascists.

Digital Foundry is partly responsible for the increase in developer harassment for so-called “downgrades” in visual presentation as they have given these fetishists the vocabulary and knowledge necessary to play armchair developer, regardless of the technical necessities of game development.

Any discussion of these topics beyond “it looks good” and/or “runs well” is extraneous at best and irresponsible at worst.


Game controllers have been all downhill since the duke.


Fallout 4 would be a lot better recieved if they cut out the main Shawn plotline; they write small stories MUCH better than big ones.

I would give my kidney for a sincere GTA title, and Rockstar is capable of it technically, but the head writers wouldn’t be able to show how they are “above” politics and pop culture, so it will never happen.


Bethesda’s games would be better if they were Rogue likes rather than having any authored quests at all.


A key thing that people leave out when they compare Apex to Titanfall 2 is that it is worse.


If I’m playing a drum machine and there’s 15ms of lag, it’s super noticeable. That’s the equivalent of about 1 frame in a 60fps game. At 60ms of lag, precision has completely gone out the window.

I don’t expect the performance of games to be nearly as tight as a musical instrument, but I roll my eyes when people suggest that bad performance or high input lag is only noticeable to obsessive weirdos.


Only like 20% of Smash Brothers remixes are improvements or successful reinterpretation of the original song and almost half the time they’re actively obnoxious. Talented musicians clearly work incredibly hard to bring that enormous soundtrack to life, but I just don’t enjoy listening to it very much at all. (Which is sad, because I can’t think of another great Nintendo game in the last six years where I haven’t loved the music!)


y’all ever think about how Cally was written off Battlestar Galactica so that Nicki Clyne could leave to join a sex cult

anyway Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock was quietly brilliant


Devolver always struck me as the “adult swim” of game publishers.


Focusing on textures and lighting instead of animation and physics was a mistake and has made all games look great on the surface but immediately fall DEEP into the uncanny valley the moment they go into motion.


Which is especially odd because there IS an Adult Swim game publisher.


The Last Jedi vastly outclassed Obsidian at their own game, and it didn’t even need hours of shitty pointless diversions (that are way worse than Canto Bight’s least-generous reads), swathes of creepy centrism, fascist sympathy, or constant harassment of its female protag to do it!

On the same token, wow i saw someone say Atton is Some Bullshit when you play a lady character in KOTOR2, but i didn’t realize it was this bad! I can literally make no choices in this complex™ choice-consequence RPG to make this shit stop happening when i talk to him or make him go away!

I think, as a leftist, I’m supposed to say it’s secretly a fuckin deep super critique of star wars by having unwanted advances from a rogueish character be imposed on the player and it makes u think or whatever, but I’d rather just say eat my entire ass, Obsidian.