Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


I think it’s a case by case basis. I haven’t hung around the places where toxic Rick and Morty fans congregate so I’ve only heard of their horribleness second hand. Consequently I don’t have any deep negative associations with the show itself and if I ever choose to watch more than the first season I’ll be much more free to judge it with my own eyes.

As someone who spent most of their teen years at the dawn of the internet when you weren’t bombarded by social media, Tumblr, Twitter etc it seems easier to freely enjoy things you might like when they get to stand on their own and aren’t as associated with the most vocal parts of an anonymous fandom.


I agree with this. I think I was in a mood of sweeping generalizations this morning.

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Fallout 76 still looks pretty good imo, and I firmly believe that game uses wide spaces really well. Its towns are a really good step forward. They feel like big spaces with different areas - Morgantown isn’t just a few houses and an airport, it’s an entire fuckin airport next to a small town, with a university. The tutorial area similarly has a scale that actually makes it feel like a town. That’s the main thing I really like about that game.

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In-game ranking systems aren’t a useful measure of your actual skill level and should probably be relegated to a score mode so that you’re not pelted with conflicting information while you’re playing for the first time.


I mean, you would know I guess.

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what do you mean


Uh, do you mean that you’re not actually famed gameman Hideo Kojima?


i am famed gamesman hideo kojima yes


tell us of your love for Mads


Okay, so, obviously you would know, because of your work on noted Halo prequel, Policenauts

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i am a huge fan of steven guttenberg but i had nothing to do with that movie

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I’ll go further and say literally everyone I know who vehemently hates The Last Jedi and has played KOTOR 2 (which is, admittedly, a small number) also hates KOTOR 2, though this is completely anecdotal and my real hot take is that Star Wars discourse is fucking exhausting and it needs to stop.


Now is the perfect time for someone as gimmicky and in love with camp as Jordan Vogt-Roberts because now is the only time in history where Logan Marshall Greene can play Solid Snake and Tom Hardy can play Big Boss.


I can’t really back this up with hard evidence as I haven’t seen TLJ or played KOTOR 2 in quite some time, but I seem to remember that another link between them is that they’re actually not THAT condemnatory of SW as a thing. They toy with ethics in compelling ways, but both Kreia and Luke are ultimately like “Be better than us, future generation” instead of “Fuck this hot garbage into the ground”


Y’all want a Star Wars take? Rogue One is just a worse version of Halo Reach’s story, almost beat-for-beat.


Yeah, pretty much. It’s honestly one of my favorite parts about them.


Counter argument that it is a good way to judge growth and feel good about making progress. Years ago playing League going from Bronze to Silver felt really good.

I also prefer playing people near my skill level so ranking systems help a lot. Worst part of CS was playing people who were far and above better than me and my team. Makes you feel like you’re trash at a game.


I have not played Halo Reach, but I will choose the interpretation of this take that implies that Halo Reach has the greatest video game story ever delivered

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It’s certainly the best Halo story IMO.


I like this take, actually. Best Star Wars movie inspired by the best Halo game, nice