Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


I guess a related take: the best Star Wars videogames are better than the best Star Wars movie. I’m not sure how much I actually believe this but what I’m trying to say is that Star Wars movies are just kinda fine and have the capital they do cuz right place, right time.

No Star Wars movie hits the heights of the SWTOR Sith Inquisitor “MORE WOMEN PRISON GUARDS” story.


The most important part of Star Wars has always and will always be the sound a lightsaber makes.


Oh whoops I should have specified: ranking systems in games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta.


Heavily disagree there. You don’t really get punished much for a low ranking in those games, even if you get less currency, because new moves and abilities require a certain about of understanding and experience with the game mechanics. As you start doing better, you can experiment with more stuff as you get more currency, encouraging growth.

DmC probably handled it best, though, with much easier easy and normal modes than usual, and a lot of bonuses for exploration and level completion, encouraging replay as you get new abilities, and even a demo room for moves you’re thinking about getting.


(Apologies, as this isn’t strictly about video games, but I couldn’t resist with the recent Star Wars hot takes)

Star Wars discourse can be incredibly exhausting for a variety of reasons, but one of the things that I dislike most about the deeper takes on the SW universe is the tendency for people to try and bring moral complexity to a series that I think, at its core, is pretty straight forward.

It’s obviously a little more complicated than “Jedi=good, Sith=bad”, but the amount of people I see try to “both sides” the light side and the dark, or the Jedi and the Sith, weirds me out. I understand the want to get more complexity out of it when we live in a time where moral ambiguity is all the rage in pop culture, but I just can’t agree with takes that basically say “the Jedi are as bad as the Sith”.

Now, no doubt the Jedi of the Old Republic (especially the Council) are quite often dogmatic assholes, serve a corrupt government, and believe themselves to be above the law, but the Sith are constantly portrayed as straight up evil. The dark side of the Force twists people’s best intentions into something monstrous, and the people who give in fully to it almost always end up using that power to harm others.

One of my favorite things about KOTOR 2 is how I don’t think it tries to equate the dark side with the light side on a moral level, but instead speaks to the vast majority of people in the galaxy who don’t care about the distinction between dark and light, Sith and Jedi, and how the constant fighting between the two only serves to harm the galaxy as a whole.

Star Wars is one of my favorite things, like ever, and I love thinking entirely too deeply about the dynamics of that universe, but I just don’t see the justification or need behind constant takes like “Qui-Gon was a Grey Jedi” or general Sith apologia.

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Man, SWTOR gets really wild, doesn’t it? I should revisit it once I’ve replayed the KOTOR titles


It’s the secret sequel to the good parts of Dragon Age: Origins.


Do you think it’s more worth it to favor the story you like best, or the class you enjoy playing the most because it’s an MMORPG?


its pretty unremarkable as an MMO so i’d say story. they’re all basically WoW classes with some talent trees shifted from one to another.


My favorite thing about SWTOR is that it was a big retcon for most of kotor 2 because lucasarts hated how that story went.


The last (and only) truly great Naughty Dog game was Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. The crash games were okay. The Jak sequels went in the wrong direction. Uncharted 4 is the first halfway decent uncharted game, the previous ones are outright awful games. The Last of Us has great narrative ambition but it’s wrapped around a very mediocre 3rd person cover-shooter with simple stealth that revolves around noise-makers, and superficial crafting elements that are meant to convince you that you’re managing resources when you’re really not. Jak & Daxter, however, is a truly great video game.


Both times I played through Uncharted 2, I had a really frustrating time. The most recent time, I kept running into the enforced artificiality in most of the encounters, e.g. that one combat encounter after the train crash where Drake gets swarmed by elite guards, if you try to leave the arena before killing every single enemy, a scripted instant death scene plays where you get assassinated by 5 dudes.

ND designs these scenes in such a deliberate way, that if you’re not following the exact designer intent, you’ll hit a brick wall.

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Undertale has really clumsily implemented combat mechanics and would be better off without them. Every monster encounter is funny and clever one, maybe two times and then becomes increasingly tiresome each time you have to repeat it. The boss fights with their hugely increased difficulty, are far, far worse, especially the ones later in the game like the final Mettaton fight. The controls and locked 30FPS (on PC at least) are not nearly responsive enough for the high speed reflex tests the game wants to put you through. Dying and having to retry a fight forces you to re-experience all the same dialogue and jokes, which takes forever and completely kills the flow of the story. Designing almost all the boss fights around repeatedly choosing the spare option and surviving until they give up on killing you is kind of neat conceptually/thematically but it bakes that repetition into the core of the game in a way that can’t really be avoided. The excessive, unnecessary difficulty and aforementioned repetition that this causes in a game based around story, jokes, and novelty is fucking miserable and undoes so much of the work that the very good writing and humor works so hard to do in the rest of the game.

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This isn’t a hot take, it’s one of the reasons I never picked up Undertale after playing the demo… (The other reason being that I don’t particularly like the style of humour, so I didn’t even have that to buoy my interest.)


Can I post a hot take about TTRPGs here?

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I think someone already did and weren’t arrested, so probably?


As a person who made a TTRPG hot take perviously in the thread I can confirm that I am alive and well and not in jail for hot take crimes


Long form written content forever. That’s why I come to Waypoint!


Kaine is Quiet if she were good and also 20% more anime. Truly she is some sort of hellish, Kronenbergian chimera of weird character design and loud, constant opinions and she is honestly a less uncomfortable character for it. Tell Kojima I regret neither my words NOR my deeds.


Follow up Take: Video game text is swiftly becoming too small for my Very Bad Adult Eyes.