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Eh, I totally get finding negative criticism like Hbomb’s tiresome, but I personally feel like Fallout 3 has a few more rungs to fall tbh. At least until people stop putting it over New Vegas in “top 500 games of all time lists” (COUGH Polygon COUGH)

@keydemographics When it comes to youtubers, I’m basically always anticipating betrayal. It’s never a question of “if”, it’s “when”

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Yeah, it’s always comes down to where they fall on the “actively malignant” vs “being a dumb ass” axis. The platform incentivises exposure and prolific output over everything else, so it’s only it’s only a matter of time.

For what it’s worth, I think Jakey talking to “Based Fantano” is just plain dumb. Do people not Google anymore?

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I thought the Needledrop guy was pretty progressive now?

He left all that political trolling behind and focused on the music reviews, right?

He ain’t perfect, but noooo way is he on the level of Sargon.

That said, Jakey liking contentcop is pretty worrying.


Not to turn this into the YouTube discussion thread, but yeah he has been deliberately leaning towards more liberal views. That being said, him calling Anita Sarkeesian a grifter at the height of the GG maelstrom renders him pretty much irredeemable in my eyes.

And yeah, Jakey’s a nice white boy who likes problematic edgey humour like contentcop and that’s probably the best we can expect from the platform.

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I think that both videos get pretty pedantic, speaking as someone who generally likes content from both Hbomb and Many A True Nerd.

I know that I oversell Noah Gervais’ video essays a lot (and his video on the pre-4 Fallout games has some really atrocious audio mixing), but I liked how concise he was with summarizing the strengths and flaws with FO3. To paraphrase: “The game doesn’t need to do as much heavy lifting with worldbuilding and roleplaying because of how well-realized it is as a fully 3D space, but too often your options range from Dudley Do-Right-ism to freewheeling jackassery, and very little inbetween”


“Really atrocious audio mixing” is my one consistent complaint with Noah’s videos because otherwise there’s nothing else like it. Someone pls buy him better sound equipment his videos deserve it!


If his editing and mixing weren’t pants I feel like some of the charm might be lost


Hi folks,

We understand a lot of these topics are related to one another and part of the same culture but once again, we’d ask that everyone sticks to sharing takes about video games. In particular, discussing the merits of personalities within gaming/gaming youtube moves beyond the original intent of the thread and can lead to conversations about sensitive matters that would be better suited to its own discussion thread, outside of the Jokes N’ Dokes category. If you wish you can break this discussion out into its own thread, though please keep in mind our rules about speculating on people’s personal lives/beliefs.

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Fallout 3 is a better game than fallout new vegas because fallout 3 actually ran and didn’t crash and delete my save file. There I said it.


yeah my hot take is fallout new vegas may have better political factions but it’s pretty deeply boring to me as a game to play as a human. i think the layout of the world is just so disinteresting.


Wow, it was an incredibly bad idea for me to jump into Fallout discourse because I am already feelin a little heated.

So I’ll keep it simple and just say this: Fallout is cool. It’s a great setting ripe for insightful commentary and stories and I’m super happy that the original creatives were able to bring the tale of the original setting to a close.

I just cannot fucking stand that the current stewards of the franchise could not care less about any of that and are only interested in a totally bullshit, zero stakes, funhouse ride of branding and particularly mindless carnage.

There, I got it off my chest.


this is a good and pure and correct take regardless of hotness


eSports are unsustainable for individual games mostly due to the nature of video games to be releasing products constantly. There is always some new hotness over the horizon that anyone besides the most hardcore are willing to jump to the moment they hear something is new, fun and frequently free.

On top of that, the requirements to play these games are really high. You gotta have decent enough hardware, and since most of paid-pro scenes are on PC, that’s a mighty high cost investment right off the bat just to be competitive. (the FGC is something else, and not something I consider a real pro scene)

At least with something like football you just need one single ball and then you can get a game going in almost any place with some room.

No eSport competition will ever reach the level of something like The Super Bowl, Champions League or Stanley Cup Finals.

As such I feel it is irresponsible of any company to build up a league behind any singular game, due to the capitalist requirement of constant growth being completely unsustainable even in the short term.


The spectacle of FF7’s summon animations was a poison pill that led to JRPGs bloating themselves out with unnecessarily elaborate combat animations, often even for basic attacks, that made every insignificant fight take way longer than it should. Every subsequent game in the series is painful to get through because of it.


The best part about Anthem is that it’s not horny, and you can’t fuck.

It’s wild that every BioWare release is accompanied by a bunch of people getting excited about who’s going to be on the sex menu this time around.

Calm down, you horny toads.


Sometimes, Videogames are good.


I find Gervais really interesting because he doesn’t have the production values or editing skills of just about everyone else I watch on Youtube (Hell, my crappy LPs could be argued to be better produced) but the strength of his writing and delivery makes up entirely for it. His work was my inspiration for my Wadjet Eye Retrospective series, which started out really rocky as I didn’t know basics like cleaning audio, and now I feel really proud of the last few episodes (particularly the Shardlight episode for how much I dug into its politics and the Unavowed one for general improved editing, though I made more oversights than I’m comfortable with now because i wasn’t especially through in researching the voice actors).


To echo a take was already mentioned upthread by @ainda, Bioware games just became a catalyst for people wanting to play more widely socially-acceptable/excusable dating sims. Which, I mean, Bioware’s games were at least a little less fraught with (tho not bereft of) gross norms than the explicit genre is, it says something that i’m more annoyed that the choices were always boring, badly written, terribly animated and/or offputtingly normative even when they weren’t hetero, but either way it did get weird when every game seemed dominated by the expectation. Culminating in becoming a major part of how tonally baffling ME:A is.

I have next to no knowledge or interest in Anthem but ditching that whole aspect for their new thing was a very very good call regardless. I’m happy they have an IP not made in 2007’s idea of mature video games now.

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Let’s be honest though, the appeal of the Mass Effect series was NEVER the dateable humans. No one gave a fuck about boring-ass Kaiden or space-racist Ashley. People were excited about being gay with a Star Trek-style painted green girl, AKA Liara. I don’t know if you guys remember this, but this option was a HUGE deal for video games when ME 1 came out. Not only was it a queer relationship in video games, which gamers supported and FOX news hated, but it also embraced the idea of a weird alien relationship. Not only were you having sex with this character, you were MIND-MELDING with her.

And I’m sure there are people who’ll say, “Well, you could do that in this game ____.” Cool. Not at this scale. Not at this budget.

When Mass Effect 2 came along, it approached even more avenues of expression and opened doors to questions about how one would make love to an alien species. How do you kiss Tali let alone make love to her, a species who could possibly DIE if you expose her to other-worldly bacteria? How do you convince a woman who has lived for hundreds of years as their species’ Batman to RISK IT ALL? How do you kiss a Grasshopper man?

Some of the best scenes were not the actual romance scenes themselves, but questions the characters asked around that romance. You going to Mordin about how to do it, and he explaining, “Hey, don’t ingest THAT.” Or discussing to practice safe sex with a Quarian. Not only was this game approaching the idea of a Harkness-Test approved utopia, but it also embraced the idea of relationships based on trust, care, consent, and preparation.

I can’t just outright dismiss Bioware for their innovations here, because they were doing things for sci-fi that would inform a tone about how we would write future science fiction characters for years to come.


Filmjoy is a great channel because they are constantly trying to find something good to say.

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