Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


Why do you think i’m so annoyed that queer male characters got two (2) whole options for all the mainline games, and they were 1) a human dude named Steve with a tragic gay backstory and 2) Nobody’s favourite from game 1, Kaiden.

Few things in AAA games exemplify how underplayed even remotely male-presenting people into dudes are in any queer representation than ME being this big deal that upsets reactionaries for being so progressive… and I get a tragic gay named Steve 3 games deep, awkwardly kiss-fade-to-black/hover-cuddling Shepard with stock-standard game muscleman bodytypes. And Kaiden if you really want series white-dude-made-of-cardboard, great.

Beastly hypermasculine alien who grows enough to become the best leader for fighting an impossibly terrible crime against his people? Nope. Charmingly awkward alien mercenary man who basically everyone swoons over and is a party member for 2 of 3 games and develops significantly over all of them? Nope. Mysterious space bug mercenary man resigned to his biological fate? Nope.

You know when dudes got to do the alien romance thing with other dudes in ME? Andromeda. Post-patch, and from what I gather it’s pretty paltry.

If any other major series was pushing forward on this front as a result by now, I’d be less bitter. As it stands? I’m goddamn licorice.


I want to agree with this, but then I remember that Mikey recently did a trilogy of videos on the Harry Potter series and painted J.K Rowling as a struggling, tragic author while failing to mention that she, you knows, is an open transphobe and UK conservative.

The problem with a strictly positive approach is that you risk becoming uncritical. I think the worst version of this I saw was a guy who used to be on blip who’s entire thing was saying movies critics didn’t like were actually good, but he never actually made an argument beyond “THAT ONE SPECIAL EFFECT WAS COOL.”

I honestly think the best approach is just being completely honest about your feelings, positive, negative, or a mix of the two, whatever is most truthful.


Damn, hadn’t watched the HP vids and to overlook that is just… irresponsible.


Sticking with hot takes on video games!

The PS2 Final Fantasy X clone Lord of the Rings: The Third Age is better than Shadow of Mordor.


The Sims 1 OST is the best of the series, and helped create the genre of vaporwave.


Alpha Protocol shouldn’t get a sequel. It was such a unique confluence of weirdness that could never be intentionally replicated.

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I don’t think people want an Alpha Protocol sequel, not really anyway. The underlying desire is to get legit RPG with dialogue trees and plot changing choices set in the world of spies. Like if DONTNOD were to have the Vampyr team work on a Cold War spy thriller set in West Berlin*, the demand for an Alpha Protocol follow up dampens considerably.

*As I typed that I realized how amazing that idea actually is. Somebody get DONTNOD on the line.


also the way the skill system reacted to what you were doing so you naturally got better at the way you were choosing to play was a dope idea

I also like the subversive factor of the “Orphans Created” statistic in the stats screen. Not how many people you killed, note! How many children were left without a parent. That’s dope.


Contrarily, I would like fucking love an Alpha Protocol: Writer’s Cut that uses Brian Mitsoda’s scrapped original vision for the game and his original draft of the script. (for reference he is ex-Black Isle/Obsidian and designed and wrote Bloodlines)


Extremely strong take IMO. I’d even say The Sims series music taken as a whole is severely underrated; it’s extremely good at doing what it’s trying to do, even when that thing is “be weird as heck.”

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Have you BY CHANCE heard the INCREDIBLE Simlish covers in Sims games?

They are all V E R Y G O O D.


this is the first time ive really listened to the original Sims soundtrack in years and wow it’s wild how much it informed my aesthetics without me realizing it until just now

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The onomatopoeia(including the JP version) in Valkyria Chronicle games looks terrible and doesn’t fit the game’s aesthetic at all.

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while i really like the sims soundtrack, clicking around, the genre of music is just what i’d call smooth jazz. do you have specific tracks that you think relate to vaporwave? smooth jazz and vaporwave have an ambient nature that’s potentially related, but i’m not hearing anything so innovative it could take direct credit in that connection.


The album Far Side Virtual by James Ferraro, released in 2011 during the foundations of Vaporwave, samples and is inspired by Sims music (Possibly Sim City) as well as names songs ‘Sims’ or ‘Linden Dollars.’ Vaporwave has it’s roots in video games.

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I liked Metal Gear Survive. A lot. I think it’s a good game.


TIL that Will Wright was 100% correct about voice overs in games. There isn’t enough budget* in the world to keep the same N phrases from eventually becoming dull and experience breaking.

*well, maybe GAN’s will be able to crack this by improvising new speech someday. See how scary close they are to getting fake faces right here:


Metal Gear Survive is the thematically consistent sequel to MGSV: The Phantom Pain:, a game about capitalism, ruined by capital.

A sequel to The Phantom Pain HAD to about digging for scraps in the carcass of Kojima’s unfinished work. It’s perfect.


What do you like about it?


We should be more impressed that Bioware managed to pull off the original Mass Effect trilogy. Three ambitious games in a series, each with very high metacritic ratings, and what retospectively seems like a huge change in gameplay design after the first one. Something about it all seems like it shouldn’t have been able to happen.