Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


Almost every multilayer AAA game would be vastly improved if it was free-to-play. No “live service” that has an upfront fee has amounted to anything compared to the Dota 2s and Fortnites of the world.

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I really love how this has so many of the “green” pokemon as far more yellow or blue than purely green. God what a nice image this is.


Is this a hot take? This is a grumpy old person take - when I was young, there was no such thing as “pay to play” multiplayer AAA games, at least on PC. (And we hosted our own servers, dammit shakes cane)


Video games may not have better story telling chops than film on average but they almost always have better soundtracks. This is mostly due to Hitoshi Sakimoto

Final Fantasy Tactics ending in which the protagonist has all the power he needs to reshape the world to be a better place and instead just leaves never to be heard from again is a brilliant commentary on the nature of heroism. It’s also almost certainly unintentional

I am almost okay with the art in Dragon’s Crown. I am not, it’s too creepy with the whole click on boobs to get a response thing, but with some tweaks I would be largely okay with the absurd boobage on display

George Kamitani is the game dev equivalent of that guy on Deviant Art who is talented but has spent so much time drawing weird porn that everything he touches has a vague aura of skeeve that makes it really off putting regardless of intended effect

Final Fantasy Tactics: Advanced is really good and the law system is a good idea that should really have stopped at two laws per battle


I know I’m a week late on this one, but this article does a great job of covering the Sims 1 soundtrack’s origin.


It got mediocre reviews, but I’ve been enjoying the first few hours of Phantom Doctrine. More strategy than RPG, but it has that conspiracy flavor I like. The story is nonsense and basically white noise, but I’ve been enjoying connecting the dots to specific conspiracies around MK Ultra, Sleeper Agents, Bio Weapons, and a shadow corp/agency.

What bothers people about Phantom is the way it handles damage, I think. If you’re in an enemy’s sights, you’re going to get hit. No matter what kind of barrier you’re behind. The factors of awareness and your cover diminish the damage to your character a bit, but I’ve found myself reloading missions A LOT. And this is on medium difficulty.

There is character progression, base management, an open map with different locations to scout and do actions in. Not an Alpha Protocol sequel, but pretty engaging so far.


What was old is new again? Please do not remind me a) that time exists and, b) that it is unkind to me and my takes.

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I made an account after I saw this thread but then I read the whole thing and discovered my takes are tepid at best. This thread gives me life, I’m here for it, love the hot takes.

All post-apocalyptic and post-collapse fiction is nihilistic, based on the subconscious (or even conscious) acknowledgement that late capitalism will consume the entire planet, there isn’t anything we can do about it except fantasize about what might come after. The central conceit is that we might be important or have come control over what comes after, but only after, some apocalyptic genocide.


PlayStation All-Stars has a stronger mechanical base than Smash Bros, and the only reason it’s worse is because Sony demanded the project was delivered half-formed to have something in that release window.

To emphasize the hotness of this take: PlayStation All-Stars supers-only kill system is better than Smash Bros’s ring out system.


If your video games includes a dog but there is not a way to give the dog pets, you should be tried for Crimes and forced to serve the community by volunteering at an animal shelter until you become a better person


As an addendum to this very good rule, if your video game allows you to pet dogs and not cats you’re a game bastard who deserves to have six cats sleep on your head every night.


Final Fantasy X-2 has the best combat and job system in the entire series. The fact it’s based on flashy outfits and bubbly transformation sequences only serves to reinforce this opinion. And I won’t rest until someone else takes this very same concept and uses it for a game that’s not, well, unspeakably vile.


Whats so vile about X-2? Curious, because honestly i’ve never even though about x2 much beyond “isn’t that one the FF about the girls?”


It’s… there’s a lot to unpack here. Note that when I say “vile”, I say it with a lot of (possibly undeserved) affection.

It’s gonna be hard to sum it up, but FFX-2 is the logical conclusion of very wealthy, aging, male Japanese producers and creators deciding to make a game “aimed at teenage girls”. Aesthetically, it wields the concept of girl power like a sledghammer and it’s horny (towards its supposed target audience, no less) to a degree that should probably have raised more eyebrows than it did back in the day. It’s especially baffling when you stop and think that Final Fantasy before X-2 was already widely known for, y’know, having female characters who actually appealed to young women. Some aspects of the writing are redeeming, to a point, and it’s not completely devoid of meaning, but the tone permeating the whole game is pretty chauvinistic and patronizing.

Gender issues set aside, it’s a very bad sequel to FFX. There is a jarring tonal shift with no attempt made to facilitate the transition from the original’s grave, contemplative tone to the sequel’s Saturday morning cartoon silliness. Characters from the original are given plotlines that don’t reflect their established personalities or just straight-up defaced. For crying out loud, Lulu is nine months pregnant in that game and they reused the same model she had in the first one.

It’s enjoyable, not gonna lie. It’s just not… it’s not good in any way.

In terms of game design, it’s bloated with poorly implemented minigames that basically just get in the way of the very fun core game loop, and the amount of lengthy cutscenes is completely disproportionate to the very little amount of plot that actually happens. Most of the levels and monsters are reused assets from the original, and the new material tends to be of questionable quality. It’s… kinda painful to go through, to be honest. Not to mention that the best parts of the plot (and the plot device that they marketed the entire sequel around!) are locked behind convoluted sidequests you absolutely need a strategy guide for.

FFX-2 is a game I love very, very much. But it’s vile . There’s no way around it.


Call of Cthuhlu: Dark Corners of the Earth is a terrible game with no redeeming qualities besides the concept.


Luckily, the PC version saves you from finishing it by refusing to load past a certain number of levels. Its one redeeming quality.


Every PlayStation controller is trash. Offset sticks are superior and the PS d-pad is terrible.

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One redeeming quality: it’s funny when the protagonist is freaking out and breathing hard from seeing too many scary things and simultaneously describes everything he’s looking at in his dry point-and-click-adventure narration voice.


It’s definitely a game that’s not fun to play but very fun to watch someone play in stream. Panoots streamed it for October and you can actually see his own sanity slowly slip away as it goes along.


There are no good gaming youtubers. Even my beloved Noah Gervais is not free of sin.