Give Me An Extremely Chill Take About Video Games


So, the thread about hot takes got way way way out of hand. Like, 800+ replies out of hand. The Discourse Dot Zone Has A Lot of Pent Up Energy That Is Dangerous To Let Out! We have the angery words and big video game energy!

How about instead, we have a thread with only extremely chill, non-controversial takes?


  1. Absolutely no negative takes. We can’t be chill if we are angery!!!

  2. Non-controversial takes only

  3. Make the small things smaller and the big things smaller

  4. All takes must be appended by “but that’s my opinion, you’re allowed to think what you want” or some variation of that meaning

  5. just be very nice!!! this is the soft, chill take zone!!! if u want hot takes, go to the microwave!!! this isnt a spicy midnight snack!!! these are leftovers!!! cold pizza takes!!! this is a nice chilly beverage take u take a sip of and relax on the patio with ur friends!!! be nice!!! <3


Allow me to lead by example:

Mario’s moustache is good



Rule 2: Non-controversial takes only


whats the controversy


yoshi horse???


yoshi horse----


You know what’s nice? All of the major platforms appear to be thriving and putting out awesome stuff. There are really no “have nots” this gen and that’s super cool. But of course that’s just my opinion and blank platform could secretly be the worst.


Some video games are good.


A videogame has never personally killed me, in my real life.


Zombie games?

They’re still pretty good!


The slimes in Slime Rancher are very cute but that’s my opinion, you’re allowed to think what you want.


A rainy Sunday afternoon is a nice time to sit on the couch, have a snack and play some video games. I mean, that’s my opinion, and definitely what I am going to be doing later today, but you’re allowed to think what you want.


My chill, non-controversial take? Stardew Valley is a good, good game, folks


I think the Touhou life is so idyllic. Just being a weird girl with a weird hat, shooting giant lasers at all your friends for fun and then chilling together with some tea or whatever. But that’s just how I feel about it, it’s cool if you don’t see it that way.


BT 7274 is a friend.


NG+ was a good addition to AC:Odyssey because it lets me play a game I loved all over again.


The inadvisably large Dog in Sunless Skies is the best NPC in Videogames.

But that’s just what I think anyway. I still think you’re pretty cool, if you think otherwise.


There are lots of cute boys in games these days. I would give them smooches.


You should play games at whatever difficulty you’re comfortable with and content shouldn’t be gated by challenge.