Give Me An Extremely Chill Take About Video Games


There are toooo many games that I’m excited to maybe hopefully play.


I’m gonna repeat a take I had in the previous thread:

Your favorite game is good. It must be if you feel in your heart of hearts that it’s your favorite


Your Final Fantasy XIV character is very cute. Yes. Yours.


Rhythm games are nice :relieved:

Unless they aren’t really your thing, then that’s cool too :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s good that videogames have music in them, and it’s also good that sometimes you can turn that music off and listen to some podcasts, provided that you like podcasts, provided that you like music


Sometimes my friends and I play games together and it’s a great time. Just last night we played hours of Smash Ultimate and it was a hoot. I can only hope that others get to experience something like that (provided that they enjoy multiplayer games, which some don’t).


just thinkin bout dead rising 2


I can play my Switch docked on the TV. When my wife wants to watch Netflix I can pick it up and play hand held on the couch next to her. Sharing the TV and couch is nice.


It‘s Winter reminds me so much of home it kinda hurt.


Sometimes it’s nice when a strategy game is a little slow, but I get that some folks have places to be!


In Zelda: Twilight Princess, Link can pick up the dogs and hold them like they’re babies.



have y’all ever just thought about
video games
be good


  • a poem by claivoyantvibes


I like it when characters in games interact with kids. Bayek’s joy at conversing with kids was one of my favourite things to ever happen in a big budget game.

I’m clucky guys. Games are pretty good.



But BOTW doesn’t let you pet the dog? I mean, what happened?


Every platform has its value, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, mobile. There is no definite ‘best’ platform. The whole ‘PC Master Race’ shtick is cringeworthy and it’s sad people are that insecure. Gaming is supposed to connect us, and not in order to tell each other about the others’ inferiority.


fire emblem characters? cute imo


Nintendo should make a Pikmin game where you just nurture them :slight_smile:

But that’s just my opinion.


Fishing minigames are good.

Whole game about fishing? Also good.


The RE2 remake giving you a ton of unlockable stuff for doing hard runs is super cool. Doing an S+ hardcore run and then being able to run around with an infinite ammo rocket launcher to mop up achievements was super satisfying.