Give Me An Extremely Chill Take About Video Games


naming pets in games is Good!

naming pokemon: love it

naming your horses in breath of the wild: can’t get enough of that shit

but that’s my opinion, if you don’t like naming your virtual pets that’s fine. it’s ok. it’s cool. (especially if you let me name them for you)


sometimes mods are good


i’m gonna go back to waypoint’s roots with this take:

Popplio is cute


c’mon, so cute, i wanna give it a hug


I once had a Goodra named Louie which was a reference to snail/serpant/dragon Lou Carcolh of Gascon folklore and I was extremely happy with myself.


So, I know Tarantino is viewed less than favorably for a number of fully justifiable reasons, but whenever I play sniper elite I find myself quoting Inglorious Bastards a lot…

“Say “Auf Wiedersehen” to your Nazi balls!”


This is a refreshing industry take.

“I think Nintendo’s doing wonderful things with the Switch, and the platform,” he beamed. “It’s blurring the lines between home and on-the-go gaming.” He had similar praise for Phil Spencer and his team: “What they’ve done recently with the introduction of an adaptive controller, to increase accessibility in gaming, is a wonderful innovation.”

If you don’t like Nintendo or something that’s fine, that’s just like, your opinion man…


that is a good-ass pokemon name

my line up right now are all food names:
Matcha the Meganium
Biscuit the Ampharos
Mochi the Marill
Hotsauce the Vulpix
Dumpling the Slowpoke
Latke the Togetic


Maaaan, those are all great food-related names!

I just booted up my old copy of X for the first time in years and, surprise, they’re all named after mythological figures and beasts

Icarus the Hawlucha
Aspidochelon the Blastoise
Bishamon the Bisharp
Albus the Delphox
Lempo the Xerneas
Orichalcos the Golurk
Faunus the Gogoat
Poseidon the Vaporeon
And Louie the Goodra

God… Naming Pokémon really is great.



It’s okay if you feel differently and don’t like him, but I really want to give Arthur Morgan a hug. I think he’s a good boy.


“Mega Man Legends was a cool, weird, thing and they should make more of them.”

  • trty0, but nine years old


I don’t want to finish that game, chiefly because i can feel it’s going to visit some kind of horror upon him and I just can’t have that. So my RDR2 is now just an “arthur morgan goes riding around the countryside” simulator.


If I can aimlessly speculate about RDR3 for a moment, I wouldn’t mind if that game actually ditched a lot of the overtly western trappings, was set in the 1920’s and started with Jack running shine down in Lemoyne. I think it’d be a fun way for the game to differentiate itself and apart from the first Mafia game, I don’t think the prohibition era has been too widely covered in the AAA space.


I love riding around saying hello to strangers and petting my horse in RDR2. I don’t know if I’ll ever actually complete the game.

When I play online my mates like to commit crimes so our honour goes down so I will log on myself and do nice acts to compensate.


Do you remember that game you used to play a lot of a long time ago? That game sure was great. Games have changed since then and have gotten “better” in some quantifiable ways, but there really was something special about that game at the time :slight_smile:


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a heck of a lot of fun. It’s made me get out of my comfort zone to go to tournaments and has made me closer to friends in my neighborhood that I didn’t really see too often before. It’s also a wonderful party game if people understand the basics and you turn on all the items!


Overwatch is an extremely fun game, it’s okay if you don’t like it or are tired of Blizzard’s constant fumbling, but I love it.

And watching OWL is great, if often indecipherable. Go Titans!

(I don’t actually have a favorite team, but I live in BC, so the Titans become my go-to favorite team through proximity)


I like seeing people draw fanart of games even the ones I haven’t played.


I think audiologs are great because you hear characters voice personal thoughts. People forgetting email passwords is relatable.


Audio logs are the way to go, don’t like reading entries at all. But developers always put them before a situation where they’re interrupted, like a cut-scene haha.


I like them if I can keep playing while I listen.

I got mad when Tomb Raider was like NO STAY ON THIS BORING SCREEN