Give Me An Extremely Chill Take About Video Games


Remember that scene in Mass Effect 1 where you talk to Sovereign? That was a fucking cool bit.

The ME trilogy was pretty alright.


I really like it when Mario jumps in a video game so I’m glad he gets to do it a lot.


These official Pokemon button up shirts that got revealed today are actually good looking


oh my gosh i want one of these so bad i hope they sell them outside japan


Eh… Videogames. Some are good… some are bad… You win some, you lose some. It’s video games.


“There is a realm of existence so far beyond your own you cannot even imagine it. I am beyond your comprehension. I am Sovereign!”

“We are eternal. The pinnacle of evolution and existence. Before us, you are nothing. Your extinction is inevitable. We are the end of everything.”

“We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it. And you will end because we demand it.”

“My kind transcends your very understanding. We are each a nation. Independent, free of all weakness. You cannot even grasp the nature of our existence”

So badass.


These are very good but make me very sad thinking about a few years ago when Junji Ito did two Pokemon illustrations that were reported to be coming out as t-shirts.


Luigi deserves a second year


I got stuck with the last level of a game and then I came back several weeks later & beat it and it was a good time. Sometimes taking a break is all you need.


In so many parts of life taking a break from something can be so hugely helpful.

I walked away from Tetris Effect and came back the next day, forgetting where I was, and turns out I was at a 10-speed level that was giving me hell the day prior. Came back and with a cool head I managed to finish the level without much trouble.


re :clap: elect :clap: luigi :clap:


updated opinion:

Luigi’s mustache is good



This game right here is the best mix of cute, chill, intense, and mechanically deep. Love it. Give me a new Patapon, Sony. If you want. I would really appreciate it.


I’ve been enjoying the new wave of silly/surreal/weird sim games. Stuff like Diary of a Spaceport Janitor and Hypnospace Outlaw where you’re soaking in the atmopshere while trying to parse strange systems and customs. I’m excited to see many more (and will happily receive recommendations about other games that fit this bill…)

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