Give Me Your Best "X is the Video Game of Y"


Just like it says on the tin.

I want to hear all the buck wild comparisons to video games you can think of in the format of “Thing is the Video Game of Category”

My personal favorite of recent memory “808s and Heartbreak is the Metal Gear Solid 2 of Kanye West albums”


pokjemon x is the pokemon y of video game


fuck. shit. fuck.


Austin Walker is the Dark Souls II of Dragon’s Dogma.

There, I said all the words you vultures crave. Now gimme some likes!


cute animal accounts are the katamari damacy of social media

figure that one out u fuckers


Dredd is the Pac-Man Championship Edition DX of modern action movie remakes.


Whenever, If Ever is the Mass Effect 2 of emo revival.


Instastories is the Night Trap of social media.


Patrick Klepek is the equator of latitude circles.


Thanksgiving with conservative relatives is the Metroid of family meals.


The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling is the Ultima Online of English Literature


Spider-Man 2 is the video game of Spider-Man 2.


Sneak King is the Metal Gear Solid 2 of fast-food video game tie-ins


The letter B is the Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 of the alphabet


Crash is the Bioshock: Infinite of Academy Award-winning films


Deadly Premonition is the Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 of small business loans.


Coleslaw is the khaki cargo shorts of BBQ picnic food.


Some of these are absolutely genius, others are complete gibberish and a few others seem to be both


The 1998 Toyota Camry is the Skyrim of mid-size FWD sedans.


Quick naps on public transit are the Dance Dance Revolution of sleeping