Give Me Your Best "X is the Video Game of Y"


Will Smith is the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


L.A. Rob is the Rob Zacny of nasty crime boys

Also, who would win: L.A. Rob or Dr. Tracksuit?


Woke Gamer: The Centrest.


The Monē El Continente is the Curse of the Azure Bonds of gravel bike frames.


“x is the dark souls of y” is the dark souls of x and y comparison formats


Fornite is the Hunger Games of Battles Royale.


Ohio is the Binary Domain of states


Mr. Bones is the Mr. Bungle of Mr. Video Games


Mario is mario of mario


Gravity’s Rainbow is the Deadly Premonition of cold war fiction


‘mario is mario of mario’ is ‘mario is mario of mario’ of ‘mario is mario of mario.’


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