Give 'Microsoft Flight Simulator' Time, It's Trying to Give You the World

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a time machine. Not only does it take me back to the glory days of flight sims, when a bookish civil aviation simulation from Microsoft was one of the biggest PC franchises in the world, but it also turns my gaming desktop—with its formerly unvanquished Nvidia 2080 Ti—into an old Pentium PC where the glories of Flight Simulator for Windows 95 unfolded like an interactive slide show whose long pauses were as nerve wracking as any aerobatics.

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My rig barely meets the min spec for Flight Simulator and now I’m getting worried if even Rob’s setup is brought to its knees. And I don’t even know that the console port will look like when it eventually drops.

Technical issues aside, though, boy does this game look interesting. The escapist fantasy of flying anywhere in the world is hitting me hard right now after 6-ish months of lockdown.

I’m going to gamepass this game and see how much it absolutely destroys my pc. I haven’t even checked the specs to see if I qualify, but for free who cares? I mainly just want to fly by all the places I used to live and see what there is to see. I remember playing the old versions my dad would buy where the ground was just a pixelated mess and only a few major cities had any buildings at all. You could “land” basically anywhere. I also remember only the Cessna having any real damage and it would just disintegrate into polygons and crumble on crash, whereas every other plane would just freeze in place with a message you crashed. Intentionally crashing was about 75% of what I did in that game as I damn sure couldn’t find any other airports.

Was the preinstall super quick for anyone else?

By the way, this is on gamepads if you want to test the game for 15 bucks!


The pre-install is only a 1-2 GB installer file. There’s going to be a 100 GB “patch” on day one. Also, PC Gamepass is only $6 CAD for the month, so even cheaper!

Oh no.

That’s Call of Duty gigs.

By the way, should we make this thread the Flight Sim general? Sharing flight plans, stories, etc.

One of my first flights I wanna do is from Area 51 to Pyongyang. Gotta sneak those aliens out!

IGN’s Review is super positive:

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I used to take a short hop from the Toronto Island airport to Ottawa in a small prop plane for work quite a bit so it’s a route that I’m familiar with and it only takes just over an hour. Should be an ideal trip for a first journey before I consider intercontinental sojourns!

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There’s a small plane airport by my house in Dekalb, Georgia. I’m excited to see if I can take a plane from there to Hartsfield-Jackson.

ACG’s review has a bunch of nitty gritty optimization details for getting your rig to play it:

He also says there’s a site with a list of compatible controllers/sticks, but I can’t find it.

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I’m afraid I’ll end up buying a flight stick. American and Euro Truck Simulator got me to buy a racing wheel, I know who the fuck I am.


You could also get a yoke! It’s pretty expensive, I think 170 on Amazon, but I see some Flight Sim youtubes using it over some sticks.

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170 is not that bad. A lot of HOTAS are over $400. Especially if you want pedals too. But that tends to be for combat, not commercial flights
I’m going to end up buying one of the Thrustmasters sincr they’ve worked for me in the past.

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Arguably $170 is a bigger ask when you’re using it mainly for one game. Lots of games will accept a racing wheel, unless you want to get deep into even less accessible flight sims, your options are very limited.

Man, I’m having a big issue trying to get Windows Game Pass to use my SSD. Anyone else having this issue?

Some good simmin’ so far


The entire world is under 92Gigs?

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Tried to fly over both Tokyo and Atlanta, broke my plane both times with airspeed going crazy.

I guess I’ll go to flight school…

My PC took a very socially distanced trip to New Zealand yesterday, and I got some time in on the sim. On my Ryzen 7 1700, GTX1070, 16 GB RAM and an NVMe drive the performance was very acceptable at 1080p. I just used the default graphics options. Looking at GeForce Experience, it wants to turn the settings down - but I’ve not tried that yet.

The initial load into the main menu is very slow for some reason - but going from the menu to flight hasn’t taken more than a minute for me. I’ve got a lot of bandwidth - that might explain the load times.

I’ve had one consistent crash - loading into Keflavik crashes the game. I’ve also had one other random crash. Other than that, it seems pretty good.

I dont even meet the minimum requirements but fuck it, lets break this PC

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No, whatever is being downloaded is probably the actual sim and whatever else makes it go brrr. The entire world is 2 petabytes.

Oh yeah, heads up to anyone with data caps, Flight Simulator is going to be sucking down a lot of 1s and 0s while you play.