Give 'Microsoft Flight Simulator' Time, It's Trying to Give You the World

it’s pretty amazing how bad Microsoft products are at managing data on their own platform. Haven’t known one yet that doesn’t favour hidden folders in weird restricted C drive directories they just bombard with data.

Maybe the influx of people complaining about it in Flight Sim will get them to finally fix their shit? Just a little? I’d at least like Game Pass PC to become actually usable come next gen?

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I have been fucking with it all day with no success.

I’m probably gonna unsub from game pass and just buy it on steam. This has been a nightmare.

That’s awful. UWP is a bit of a nightmare when it comes to being able to fix your own computer :frowning:

PSO2’s Windows Store version allegedly half-bricked people’s SSDs by locking down even the ability to format its data while also having a registry bug that made it think it wasn’t installed, making it entirely non-uninstallable within Windows (I think PS4’s format tool can fix this, lmao)

Seriously, any current Microsoft release utilizing their UWP stuff or adjacent systems is a big, big buyer beware. Or like, even just installer beware. Absolutely appalling on their part.

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So I am having no pains so far other than the PC gets real hot. I’m having a good time, but I’m going to need a flight stick. Both keyboard and controller gameplay are not cutting it so far. But the vistas are amazing.

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I’ve literally reset my Microsoft update to 2004 and then reupdated, and I’m STILL getting the same errors.

I literally just started laughing after waiting like 5 hours for this to do its thing only for the xbox app to STILL be completely broken.

Yeah… I think I’m done. This is like… This is like what Capital G Gamers think the Epic store is actually like, when in reality its just Microsoft’s broken ass infrastructure.

Luckily I don’t have data caps, it’s a latency issue with streaming games services. Rural internet providers are bought and sold so often, thrown in those big mergers every now and then. That means routers pointing to the new router pointing to yet another router, etc.

If I do a trace router I can see it hit 4 of the old ISPs I used to have before it gets out to the net.

Ok, luckily I gave up and just bought it on steam. I got some flight time in tonight and it was super surreal…

So, I gotta get the expected stuff out first…

My Apartment:

My local Taco Bell:

And finally, I decided to take out Robert E. Lee and fuck up Stone Mountain good and proper:

I also decided to check out North Korea, which was really creepy. I know we know the country is isolated into small soviet style villages, but what I didn’t expect was how dead the land is…

Like, the scale of these barren lands is just overwhelming. More fertile farmland seems to be located around Pyongyang, but there are whole swathes of this completely desolate land.


glad you finally got it working after so much suffering.

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I’m currently installing it. Nice main menu music though. Had it on for hours.

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Yeah, I just went ahead and bought it on steam seeing as how Steam has zero problems with me putting the game on my SSD.

This game is really cool to experience with some friends from the same town. If you can, get some people you live in the same city with and fly around looking for each other’s apartments.

Super fun.

I got it installed yesterday - genuinely zero problems! even tho I put the big data on a different drive - and did an inaugural flight around 5pm from here in Portland to Astoria with live weather turned on. It got real pretty and then real soupy (and also pretty) when I hit the coast.

I’m loving this game. It feels so good to have Flight Simulator back.


For those wondering how the buildings are generated, as a GIS person to me it looks like there are at least four different approaches - For areas like GoldenJoel’s apartment it looks like the building models are being generated by photogrammetry from low to medium altitude aerial imagery. You can tell this is probably the approach they used if the buildings look a little blobby but have accurate textures. This technique requires a lot of overlapping images of an area though, so might not work for areas where all they have is satellite, or high altitude aerial, imagery. For places like North Korea, where the imagery quality is probably lower, they might be using an AI based technique to recognize buildings and then generate them procedurally. This looks like what they are using for the trees too.

Photogrammetry would not produce good results on cities with tall buildings however - either the resulting geometry would be too high poly to be rendered decently, or the results might just be too strange. So my guess is that for the bigger cities they are using local building footprint data to generate simple buildings, and then procedurally generating the textures based on building typology and location. A lot of cities and jurisdictions have databases of building footprint data. They are probably using shapefile data that also contains things like building height. This is really simple to do actually, you just extrude the footprint to the height stated in the data…but it’s why you get things like the office block Buckingham Palace and Washington Monument.

Then there are also some more important landmarks which are obviously hand modeled!


My city is not in the game despite all surrounding smaller cities being in the game.
Its just generic city instead of a pretty noticeable but sparse landscape

I forgot how huge Tokyo is…

And yes, I wish AO GOKU the best.

Hoo boy, this game needs some SERIOUS optimization. I just flew from a local ATL airport to Hartsfield because it’s storming outside, and I wanted to see how that was reflected in the game.

The game did not stop stuttering the entire flight. I think I got about max 5 FPS.

This is with a 2070 Super, 16 gb of Ram, and an i7.

I managed to get it all installed. I’ve had no technical issues with it yet. It’s running on high settings, I recently purchases a new rig, which operated on a ryzen 7 3700X core with an AMD GPU 5700 XT and 16gb of RAM. All my drives are SSD too which I think helps.

Completed most of the flight training in Arizona, the takeoff and landing and the loop round the airfield. Felt awesome learning how to do that and how all the different dials work. I couldn’t believe how janky my plane felt as I moved the steering wheel all over the place.

I’ve been flying around my home town of Nottingham. I don’t think they’ve got the imagery of Nottingham all correct. But I found my apartment, and flew into it. Also found my place of work and flew my plane into that as well. It was really low res satellite imagery from Bing Maps but I think I could make out my car in the car park.

Tried some of the other planes out, one of the biplanes, thought I was flying it fine but I veered off left too hard and broke my plane somehow. Guess I’ll stick with the basic ones for now.

Overall, I’m impressed with it so far. Being able to figure out where you are and recognise the ground below you is really cool. A couple of years, who knows what they could do with this kind of technology.

Never have I wanted a pc more ugh. I actually have a ~ flight request ~ if anyone is interested. Could someone put up some screen grabs of what Baku Azerbaijan looks like in game? Specifically the down town areas. My PhD research is centered on mapping and virtual representation of cities and how both interact with the archive with Baku as a focus and this game is such an interesting new lens for that, especially now when all the kinks haven’t quite been ironed out.

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Sure thing!

I’m not sure where the downtown is, I came from a single runway airport south of the city, but I grabbed some screens. Unfortunately, it seems like hey’re using generated map data instead of legitimate scans of Baku:

This is supposed to be the Palace of Shirvanshahs. It doesn’t look like the pictures.

And here are where the Flame Towers are supposed to be. It’s just a auto generated building.

Here are some pics of the city tho:

I’m curious what this massive building is… Is this a glitched building like that massive tower on Twitter?

Edit: Apparently its a massive mall and shopping market.


@GoldenJoel beat me to it, but here are some higher altitude screenshots from a jet!

Took off from Heydar Aliyev and (crash) landed at Zabrat.