GMT Games Already Make Great Tabletop Wargames, Now They're Going Digital


This week, board game publisher GMT Games announced a partnership with developer Playdek. Which probably sounds boring, because press releases like that usually are. But I think this announcement could end up being really important, maybe even revolutionary for wargaming on PC. First, though, I need to explain why I went to Portland.

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I like the conversion of board games to digital, but only if they allow for asynchronous online multiplayer. I’ve played countless games of Potion Explosion, Lotus, Paperback, Patchwork, and Ascension with my partner asynchronously on our phones, while we struggle to muster the energy to play even a short physical board game once a month. I’ve purchased a few games for my tablet with the intention of using them for hotseat multiplayer, but never actually wanted to break them out over something else when given the opportunity.

Also, the best GMT game isn’t a wargame, it’s Thunder Alley.


I’ve really enjoyed playing Twilight Struggle with my friend via the app so the idea of more GMT wargaming goodness avalible digitally is a delight. Excited to see what this partnership brings.


Honestly, I don’t usually hold these kind of grudges, but is that Playdek? As in Unsung Story Kickstarter Playdek?


That WWI game with the blocks looks delicious. Out of stock for now but there will be a second printing at some point


I absolutely can’t wait for this. I own most of these games in cardboard format (I love the COIN series), but I basically never get a chance to bring any of them to the table, as I moved not too long ago and don’t really have an established boardgame group.

Speaking of which, if any of y’all are ever interested in playing games on Tabletop Simulator or VASSAL, hit me up!