God's Plan Was for Drake to Play 'Fortnite,' and for Us to Talk About It


Your Monday episode of Waypoint Radio is finally here—on Wednesday. (On Monday, we published an interview with a research psychologist who walked us through the evidence on why games don’t provoke real-life violence.) Finally, Austin and Danika have a chance to process Drake’s recent takeover of Twitch, while Danielle and Patrick scratch their heads. We talk through our early hours with the surprisingly delightful Sea of Thieves, and introduce a new segment at the end: recommendations from the group. You’ve been, uh, warned.

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Whoever came up with this article title deserves a raise.

The title said “Do you love me?”
I told it “Only partly”
I only love making jokes and Waypoint Radio
I’m sorry
(I’m sorry)


I would watch the shit out of Cardi B playing games oh my god


Listening to Patricks Sea of Thieves story about Candys ship sounds like Candy scuttled his ship as soon as he died instead of something determined by the game, but I havent been in that scenario in the final game so I dont know if the game scuttles ships on its own now.


(A quick inconsequential correction: The original xbox controllers had triggers, it was the lb / rb buttons that spun out of the black and white buttons.)


I dunno about the comment of Drake being closed off in his public image. In Toronto, he’s around hanging at Raptors games or making appearances at restaurants. He indeed walks around the 6 like he invented it boi.


‘Call me matey’ was a good joke with great delivery from Patrick


Re: stars doing their own channels

The Rock has been doing this for a year or so now, and Will Smith just started vloging.


hell yeah it was.


Yep, and it’s pretty clear that the xbox design was derived from the Dreamcast (importing the second stick from the DualShock). Basically all the modern controllers with triggers, bumpers, sticks, and the basic face diamond are the cross-breeding of 1999’s DC and 1997’s DualShock (to a greater degree than any other previous controllers).


I feel like there’s a major missed opportunity here to talk about the cult of celebrity and what that means in the age of “New Media”. But I also don’t know how to put my thoughts on the subject into words.


Drake’s looseness on Ninja’s stream reminds me a lot of the way he’s showed up in at Raptor’s broadcasts this year. An excited fan first and a professional second.

This year Drake has expanded beyond hanging out courtside and occasional on mic appearances to full doing full quarter colour commentary three times this season. This includes games against Philly, Charlotte, and remarkably Houston. They even let him do a (bad) post-game interview.

The most humanizing moment in all of all this was during the Charlotte game when he asked the commentators what they do when they need to use the washroom while broadcasting. After listening to their strategies for not peeing Drake decides to leave the broadcast booth for a few minutes to relieve himself.

Drake’s resignation over ordering takeout after a long day at work while streaming with Ninja feels so similar to him needing to pee while commentating because it gives everyone watching an unpolished glimpse of the familiar.


Hey Cheeki!

I considered it, but we spent a lot of time on it during our ep on Logan Paul early this year!


Just remembered with regards to the connection between hip-hop / electronic music and games, there was a great series from Red Bull Music Academy on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtbJmr1WtatcUO5smuoPDUEATfYZ1V6mt (some of the episodes don’t seem to be on YouTube, strangely)


I think it’s really interesting at the dichotomy between Ninja being “on” as the Twitch personality whereas Drake is taking off his “celeb” persona (Champagne Papi, Drake™) and just being a regular 20-something playing a game. Video games being an activity for him that demarcates the line between Celeb stuff and Regular Person Stuff I do Between Recording and whatnot is why I think so many celebrities play video games. It’s a good time filler but it also doesn’t require you to be That Celebrity Person in that moment, whereas for Ninja, that’s his job/business now.

Just funny.