Good Examples of Cooking / Food-Focused Games?

Hello fellow waypointers,

Outside of Overcooked and the Cooking Mama series (the latter of which I have never played), what are some good video games (or tabletop games) that focus on cooking mechanics or the importance of food? It’s a place in games that I think might have more room to grow, but I wonder if I’m just unaware of better options out there. What about those kinds of games do you like?

Ideally, I’m looking for games that focus on the process of cooking, so something like Breath of the Wild’s mechanic doesn’t quite fit for me, as it is more focused on the end result. Any ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Cook, Serve, Delicious is still my favourite logistics-style game that fairly accurately represents how managing multiple orders in a restaurant setting feels. the dishes are very simple but the feeling of hammering out orders right on time feels as good as real life (without all the sweat)

here’s an extremely amateur review of it by me from when it came out (oh my god, 5 years ago!?) if you wanna get a better idea of how it plays


There was a game that was only released in the US in the form of a demo back on the PS1 called Ore no Ryouri which is basically what you’re asking for.

I do hope that a game with this sort of gameplay would come out on the Switch. The Joy-Cons feels like they would be ideal for that sort of gameplay with its motion controls.


I just checked out some footage of the game, and this lines up closely with what I’m thinking of. It’s still leaning on the management of customers too, which I have mixed feelings about, but the ways in which the players has to perform actions through mapped, abstracted controller inputs I’m definitely feeling.

I should note that now that I’m delving into some wikis, I need to delineate a bit between a “restaurant sim” and a “cooking sim.” It seems like most current examples focus on the former and not the latter. I wonder if this is somewhat inherent to finding a theme and narrative premise that fits a game’s structure for win/loss conditions.

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yeah the game is definitely more of a “restaurant sim” than a “cooking sim” but how it depicts the many ways in which you prepare food with just a few keystrokes was genius to me

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There was a mobile game that I was obsessed with a few years ago called Tiny Chef (not the Tiny Chef Clicker that’s in App Stores now. Opportunistic assholes.) It did lean towards Restaurant Sim, but had more of the Cooking Sim aspect than most of the Restaurant Story-type apps in that you had to successfully cook a dish a certain number of times before you could add it to your menu.


This led to several instances of me setting my alarm for 3AM to start a new batch of seasonal, limited-time dishes before the cookbook disappeared. I’m not proud. Ok, I’m a little proud.

It doesn’t really fit what you’re asking for, but it was a cute little game and I miss it. :cry:


Good Pizza, Great Pizza is one of my favourite restaurant/cooking mobile games, it has a nice art style and I prefer pizzas to burgers in terms of games where you have to get someone’s order right. That may seem like an odd distinction to make, but pizza games tend to have a little more freedom and a little more room for subjectivity (how much cheese is extra cheese?).

Hello Kitty’s Magic Apron is a very easy, but cute rhythm cooking game. It also has vocaloid songs for all of the recipes that tell you how to cook, some of them are… haunting. Polygon did a good video of it.


Honestly, VA-11 HALL-A’s drink mixing mechanics, simplified as they were, felt very authentic to the bartending experience. It’s no Love on the Rocks, but it’s still one of my favorites.

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Suikoden 2 is the my favorite cooking game.
Cooking Mama is a really good cooking game.
Star Ocean as a franchise has had some fun with cooking, as has a handful of other jrpgs.
I hear Zelda has an ok cooking aspect in breath of the wild but I didn’t dig it when I looked it up on youtube.
Overcooked is a fun minigame.
Battle Chef Brigade is going to be awesome.
More companies have gotten cooking as a skill or craft wrong then I have cooked dishes in my entire life. :confused:

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@BruceChalupa @Meophist @jaguar

I’d second that recommendation for Ore no Ryori. there’s a but of a language barrier but when you figure it out it is one of the most charming and funny cooking games out there. has a similar hectic feel to Overcooked, but single player.

It also served as part of the inspiration for Cook Serve Delicious, which came out of a free game by the same creators that was an homage to it.

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I am super looking forward to Battle Chef Brigade! Also, is there a specific entry in the Cooking Mama series that I should play first, or a are most of the entries relatively comparable?

As far as BotW’s cooking goes, my impression of it is that while it’s fun to puzzle out what ingredients do what, there is no actual action for cooking. It’s about the meal you end up with and the buffs you get and almost nothing to do with the process.


All the cooking mama’s are fun to me.