Good Game - The Youtube RED Show about eSports

So, wanted to start this topic because I haven’t seen much chatter about it. I’m curious as to what people think about this Dan Harmon/Game Grumps/Jesse Cox/Michele Morrow joint venture.

It’s very interesting to watch a series try to talk about video game culture. Mostly it’s done in the most uninformed or cringey way possible. But even when it’s done by people are in the culture, it still comes off as weirdly artificial.

For Good Game, the people working on it have experiencing gaming backgrounds. Michele Morrow is a very experienced person in the video game industry, having participated in a lot of aspects of video game entertainment. Jesse Cox and Game Grumps are Lets Players from Youtube, so they are in the thick of the culture. Coupled with Dan Harmon’s impeccably timed comedic writing, Good Game has a lot of good work going into it.

Having seen the first two episodes, I think they’re off to a good start. Episode 1 is a basic expository story that feels way too fast-paced. Episode 2, thankfully, slows things down a little to focus on the characters as well as addressing trolling, homophobia/sexism/racism in gaming. And, it’s done in a rather tasteful way in that the trolling and insults realistically come to a head within the team. It ends with the conclusion of not condemning trolls and flamers, but rather trying to understand the people behind the screen.

So far, I think it’s off to a good start, and listening to Michele Morrow and Jesse Cox talk about the show has me anticipated.

What do you guys think?

My girlfriend and I both generally like Grumps and loved Community when that was still on so we’ll probably check this out. Still don’t think most of YouTube RED is worth a subscription though.

Youtube red isn’t worth it for it’s own sake. That said youtube red comes bundled with google’s spotify-like service and I have immensely enjoyed getting youtube ad free across desktop and mobile platforms.

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As much as I enjoy the Game Grumps, I’ve weirdly enough not liked anything they’ve done outside of the main show.
Their sponsored advertisements are generally fun, but the fairly recent “World Famous” sketches and the few oddball live action bits they’ve done have done nothing for me. (Still haven’t played Dream Daddy though, I will at some point).
I know this is a whole other production, with the Grumps essentially just being actors in a larger show, but judging from the trailer I’m pretty sure it’s not for me.

Not to make this a Game Grumps discussion thread, it’s just a weird roller-coaster of ups and downs for me personally.

There was an Australian tv show about video games called Good Game that was cancelled this January, so every time I see this I get sad again. Anyway, I basically haven’t begun to consider Youtube Red as a thing I want, so I guess Good Game will remain dead for me.

Haven’t been the biggest fan of any of the personalities here so that isn’t really a draw for me either.