Good Games to Play in a Foreign Language


I’ve been learning German for the last few years, and recently I picked up Pokemon Sun and set the language to German to help persuade myself to study outside of coursework.

Do any of you guys play games in a language other than your mother tongue? If so, what games have been the most productive? Not too dialogue heavy/complex, but still engaging and interesting.


Gundam games. The best ones (from Software’s UC, most of the Vs games) are pretty much Japan only, even if they do get translated/have an Asia version with some English you still need the Japanese version for the official songs and not just generic action music.

Thankfully a lot of people will translate menus or it’s not too difficult to figure out.


I’d love suggestions if anyone has games that are good to play in French, which I’m trying to learn!


I’m sure the animal crossing games would be super chill and mellow to play in foreign languages as you learn; it’d be like moving someplace new and getting to know and understand it along with the language