Good Online Idle/Background Games?


I started playing this a couple weeks ago based on your recommendation. I don’t know… I think I’m done.


Clearly the answer is Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm

In all seriousness I’ve 100%ed Adventure Capitalist and like, it wasn’t “worth it” but eh. It did its job. I’m mostly onto phone stuff for now, and can very heartily recommend Egg Inc.

And Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm.


I agree. I have played both the games.


Tap tycoon and Pocket Mine are the best games out there.


I found one but unfortunately, they don’t have a version for pc, it’s a mobile idle/clicker game about bitcoins, crypto currency etc. Crypto Capitalist is the name of the game.


I recently impulse-purchased Reigns: Her Majesty and I’ve been really enjoying it as a game I can play for a couple minutes here and there.


If you’re a fan of boardgames I recommend registering on It’s an asynchronous online implementation collection of boardgames and it’s pretty chill. I play a bunch of Carcassonne Hunters & Gatherers on there and usually only play one or two turns a day.


I’ve been working through Factory Idle which is basically Factorio but instead of huge, sprawling bases it uses a limited space to make it a puzzle instead.


This is not an idle or clicker game, but I’ve played a lot of Dream Quest on iOS while putting my son to bed. Don’t be turned off by the graphics; it’s a great deckbuilder game that you can drop/pause at any time. If you liked Slay the Spire, you will like this one.


I like Squid Ink pretty ok.


Well I can suggest to try League of Legends. I like Moba games in general. I like unlocking stuff and buying skins for instance. Also it’s more fun to play together, you can join a team here . And there is a possibility to participate in tournaments. So I think you need to take a shot.


Just a few small & really cool idle/clicker new games, if someone gets out of ideas on what to play today :stuck_out_tongue:

-Holyday City Reloaded

Favourite Flash/Browser games?

I dig the holyday city reloaded game, thanks for sharing :wink:


For me, one of the best idle rpg game is Idlers and Dungeons, you can find it for 1$ on google play.


Can’t go wrong with T I M E C L I C K E R S