Good recipes to freeze and eat later


If there’s no room in the freezer, the Spanish tortilla is a great way to have some ready to eat meals that’ll keep for a while in your fridge.

It’s a bit of effort up front, frying the potatoes and flipping the pan if you want it to look nice (botching that step will hurt you solely on cosmetics) but if you make one of these you have lunch/breakfast/a light dinner for a week.

A lot of recipes call for garlic or onion but I personally prefer to spring for spiced olive oil and eschew the onion.


Chili is my go to. Just cook up a big ol’ pot of chili, let it simmer for as long as you want to (I usually leave mine for 2-3 hours if I can get away with it) and taste during the entire process. It’s extremely good freeze food and it only gets better with time.