'Good Sudoku' Is Making Me Good at Sudoku

Good Sudoku is truly the only Sudoku app anyone will ever need, especially if you never thought you would like or enjoy Sudoku.

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In the podcast you (the collective you, at least) complain about the lack of advanced technique training in Murder By Numbers, while that game goes with a very simplistic tutorial the mainline Nintendo/Jupiter Picross games (the Picross S and Picross E games) go a lot more in depth on the approaches to solving picross puzzles. Might be worth playing one of those before continuing with MBN.

I have loved and purchased each of Zach Gage’s games, but Good Sudoku hasn’t clicked with me. Good Sudoku feels great and looks better than all of the sudoku games I have tried. And yet it just made me want to go to the sudoku app I have been using for the past ten years and ten thousand games, Jason Linhart’s :slight_smile: Sudoku+. It doesn’t have Good Sudoku’s style, but for me it has greater ease of use and learning tools.

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Haven’t played sudoku in years and now I’m furious this is Apple only. Any reasonable Android version with similar learning tools?

Here is a new article on android Sudoku apps. I use the iOS version of the one named Enjoy Sudoku and think it is great, though it is old. There is a section to teach techniques and I think 15 difficulties. I have even been able to use my phone’s camera to scan a puzzle and add it to the game.