Good tech tweets?


Hey all, I’m doing some decorating in my classroom and I’m thinking, instead of having inspirational quotes like my predecessor, I want to do tweets instead! Especially ones related to how we think about tech or tweets about how programming is a skill that does get easier. Anything you could suggest would be great!


Like that? That one is about games, not tech, obv.


Maybe this? (he’s responding to the response that we should solve the problems on earth before investing in space programs)


Definitely include stuff like this:

which is replying to this quote. Or how about:


*Looks at post by @sputnik. Looks at post by @Shivoa.*

Are we gonna get a fight here? Is it inevitable? Bad idea overall or are we just stumbled upon two opponents immediately? You are second and third answers here! Is there gonna be a fight in @Greencloversguy’s classroom, too?

(Mine suggestion still great, despite being not about tech. :­P)


I mean, this is a Lefty forum and tech billionaires are… well the second word really gives away exactly why they shouldn’t find safe haven here. VC is a disease and tech utopianism is just another lie of late capitalism.

We have a desperate need to get more people into tech education (it’s not purely a pipeline issue, the sector needs to completely change to retain talent, but the pipeline issues are well-noted) and that absolutely means breaking down how we think of tech/engineering and the full scope of what we are solving when given a problem (eg Uber does not solve a problem, because the underlying “solution” is simply to ignore labour rights/law - there is no novelty there beyond exploitation & VC funding). That means smashing notions of tech as something that’s natural for White guys to do, that engineers are the smartest people on the planet, that tech is not almost indistinguishable from finance in causing massive societal issues. None of that is helped by promoting the words of White billionaires (who often given interviews where they show their absolute hatred towards people/lack of understanding about the society in which their tech solutions are meant to operate).

I would start by creating an explicit citation policy for a project like this. Think about who to promote as a voice decorating a classroom, how those faces represent who tech needs to be recruited for the next generation of engineers - who sees themselves on the walls of the classroom and understands what that means about who this classroom is for.

Citationality is another form of academic relationality. White men is reproduced as a citational relational. White men cite other white men: it is what they have always done; it is what they will do; what they teach each other to do when they teach each other.


I don’t know that she necessarily has anything pithy and quotable and appropriate for a classroom but Sarah Jeong reports on the intersection of law and tech and is worth a follow imo.


Good tweets and good conversations! I would definitely agree that what should be taught in the CS classroom should be better then a regurgitation of what the tech giants want to teach, and something needs to be better, the gender gap in my lessons is appalling. That is why I want tweets from actual technicians, programmers and critics, not just CEO. I can get a poster of Mark Zuckerberg form a whole range of websites but I need something better. Something that doesn’t say why we need programmers and technicians because they get loads of money for it or because we have a shortage of them. I need a quote that says how hard it is and how real life programmers do the same things that they’re doing. Or how technology is different to different people, one man’s miracle by be another’s nightmare. I’m also getting these for teenagers, so they need to be a bit funny as well.

Thanks for the suggestions so far!


Couple of recent tweets on tech (which give something to think about around typical methods/processes and how they can fail users/fellow developers) by engineers:


nah, I feel no obligation or interest in defending Musk nor do I want to derail this thread.


Mod here to head this off at the pass:

I think in the case of what just happened in the thread here: if you have concerns about the potential representation of who is being quoted (which is fair, and a foundational issue), bring that forward to the OP first and foremost versus taking issue with other poster’s contributions, or make a separate thread for discussing your objections.

@Greencloversguy has a decent analysis of their reasoning and methodology behind what they want to include and why, though given the contentiousness of the topic, I would include that in the OP so maybe we can stave off this sort of stuff in future replies.

That being said, don’t call for fights between users with very obviously opposing ideologies or tacks. This isn’t Worldstar and we’re all adults here and we should be using our words and arguments to tackle the differences productively versus other less meaningful methods of addressing our concerns with tech.


Is it not critical within any thread on good tech tweets to discuss what makes them good, what makes them suitable for a classroom setting, what is excluded from as much as what is included within the category “good”? Something that can’t just be punted off into the distance/a different thread (or done without ever referencing other posts in a thread).

To back-to-back the Sara Ahmed quotes here:

I have been thinking more about the problem of how you become the problem because you notice a problem. When exposing a problem is to become a problem then the problem you expose is not revealed. […] When you perceive a problem your perception becomes the problem. What I learn as well from being a feminist killjoy is how noticing a pattern in how things tend to fall is understood as making your own life more difficult than it needs to be.


I could be wrong but I think @Greencloversguy is looking for Tweets that encourage their students and give them hope on how they can get into tech and also might be funny not ones that are depressing to read.

Here’s some of my suggestions:

SwiftOnSecurity is usually pretty good at the tech+funny thing

Here’s a really great thread with some fun pictures

I’ll see if I can dig up some more later :slight_smile: