Google’s Ambitious Video Game Streaming Services Arrives in November

Back in March, Google revealed the first details about its long-rumored video game streaming service, Stadia, but there were important details left out. How much would it cost? What games can you play? Will there be a subscription service? When is it coming out? Oh, and hey, does it actually work?

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A beta test has been promised at some point, which will hopefully give us a better sense of how Staid performs in the real world, not in Google’s PR-friendly conditions.

A quick note about a typo here in the 4th paragraph, you have “Staid” instead of “Stadia”.

what a whack business model they’ve got, I don’t see this being particularly successful

Oh cool we’re back to regional lock in for games but now I can’t even import the game disc

I can’t wait for Google Arenia in 2022 which will be a totally unrelated and yet somehow inferior game streaming platform from google.


It’s strange to have all this going on with YouTube’s bullying/pride stuff happening in the background.

E3 is going to have a lot of Google/YouTube people there dealing with press. I wonder if any sites will ask about it.


Google Stadia makes a lot more sense if you think of it as a delayed companion piece to Google Fiber that was probably started back when people at google still thought Google Fiber was actually going to be a thing


Project Stream ran remarkably well on my chromebook. I’d be willing to give this a go, and having an always ready version of Destiny 2 sounds very appealing!

I’m not so sold on Google right now though. So I’m in no rush to spend $120 a year to have access to a game I already have.

Google Fiber could be a thing if they wanted it to be. They installed a fiber jack in my house. Everything is ready for fiber. They never turned it on. The just stopped all rollout in my city two years ago.

I’m excited for my grandchildren to bring a Google Stadia back from a night raid on the flooded Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in the year 2074 and then plug it in, only to discover that the NBN rollout is still ongoing.