'Gorogoa' Doesn't Explain Itself, but That Doesn't Stop It from Being Great

Gorogoa delivers everything I want in a video game. Released this week on Windows, iOS, and Switch, it is an uncompromising, serious puzzle-adventure game; an experience that uses simple mechanics and a strong art style to dig into a melancholy narrative about war, decay, and collapse. It’s a gestural game that suggests more than it explains and can leave a player feeling empty and confused. It stands apart from other art games, and is all the better for it.

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I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s been on my watchlist forever, and after finishing it I feel unaffected by it.

Something something Dark Souls

Okay we have that out of the way carry one

I vaguely remember the first time I heard about this,and I was intrigued - now that it’s out, I’m not sure what I expected?
It’s obviously good - it’s incredibly well made, puzzles are clever but not frustrating (except for the relatively low discoverability of one of the mechanics, which I can accept as a personal failure), and physically playing is very satisfying.
I think the story suffers due to the exclusion of all text - there is no narration, discoverable artifacts, et al - and it seems very big. It kind of happens like an art film? The experience washes over you, is probably very sad, and, if nothing else, manages to be stunning. It’s just that stunning isn’t really enough for me.

This year has been rough for me finishing games - and so cranking this out in one sitting (extremely doable) was a little bittersweet. I think I want to return to it, but now that I know the solutions I worry I’ll find the entire thing a little tedious.

I definitely feel like I’m stumbling my way through puzzles–sort if like I’m exhausting the types of shifts that worked previously, "How about this? What about this over here?

Mixed feelings rn cos there is rewarding stuff and pretty, curious design.

I’m really loving this game, about two hours in. The mood reminds me a lot of Codex Seraphinianus and children’s fantasy books. The card mechanic is excellent.