Gorogoa is pretty awesome

Gorogoa is a puzzle game that has been in the works for a very long time. It is built around a very cool mechanic where the screen is split into 4 different frame which can each have a scene playing out in it which you can move around and make interact with each other.

It’s probably easiest to explain with a trailer. The release trailer gives away too many puzzles, so I went with the reveal trailer which isn’t as polished but gets the point across.

At any rate I liked this game alot, the art and music is beautiful and everything has a surreal magical feel to it. It’s also quite short, I completed it in ~90 minutes. Personally for me that was a pro and not a con because I liked being able to play through something in one siting, but if the short playtime concerns you it’s probably worth noting that the game is much cheaper on iPhone other platforms ($5 on iphone vs $12 on steam and $15 on switch).


I played a demo of this sometime ago and have been anticipating the full release. The demo was a great experience. Beautiful and unique.

i really enjoyed it! beautifully rendered art, interesting themes, puzzles that are mind bending but not overly hard, and it is the perfect length to avoid outstaying its welcome

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I also appreciate the note about the price difference. It’s currently $12 on steam (and GOG) as a release discount, and then it will be $15 there as well.

I think I will probably get this on PC just because it looks gorgeous and I only have a little iPhone SE. Anyone else found a preferred platform? I could see it being a good fit on a tablet.

Yeah I didn’t find out about the price difference until after I had finished and was quite surprised there was such a large spread in prices, so I wanted to make sure to get that out there.

That said I played on PC and I feel like that was definitely the right choice for me because I wanted it on a big screen so I could fully appreciate the art and I think that is what I would recommend as long as the price hike isn’t an issue.

That’s a damn good trailer. And this seems like the rare instance of a game that’s best played on a touchscreen device.

Oooh. The touchscreen angle is one I had not considered, but makes a lot of sense. Maybe i’ll see if I can run it on my old iPad.

I really enjoyed playing this on my iPad. I can see myself going back and replaying the game every so often.

I’m proud of myself because I beat the game without looking anything up.

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