‘Gran Turismo 7' Cuts In-Game Prize Money, Pushing Players to Spend Cash

Last week, Gran Turismo 7 was knocked offline for more than a full day, which threw into stark relief just how much of a nuisance it's online requirement seems poised to become for the duration of the game's life. But as part of that update cycle, Polyphony Digital also revised the in-game economy in ways that have immediately poisoned their relationship with a lot of their players. In a word, they gave everyone an in-game paycut.

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I would have spent $70 + 0 to enjoy the cars in this game but with this shit I will just spend $0


Sony saw the Halo Infinite community disappear like someone pulled the plug in response to $20 skins and thought “yes, sounds good”

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Yeah this is where I think I am as well. Between the always online and MX, I was on the fence and I’m hopping off on the wrong side for Sony. It’s deeply fucked up to cut rewards and encourage MX after the review period. Some real cynical capitalism shit.


I didn’t even think about that. That’s some mustache-twirling villainy there. I wonder how many other games are going to pull something like that - have one price for the review period and then double the prices two weeks later.

More generally though, stuff like this would rankle a lot less if it were more honest up front (and not a base price of $70, but I’m arguing agnostic of that). If they said “Look, this is the starting pack - if you want more cars, it’ll cost you more, but for our most dedicated players we have the opportunity for you to earn those cars in-game,” it would still suck, but at least it would suck honestly.


I can’t think of a single game whose design was improved by microtransactions.


every piece of GT7 news since decent launch impressions has been look what they did to my boy levels of shitting itself up, what the fuck

it’s like they’re aiming to be as bad as the biggest detractors hyperbolized GT6 and Sport as being.

Updated the sad cynicism for the current era more than they did the visuals at this point.


I kind of assume part of the reason we saw the dawn of the Battle Pass a few years ago was for (at least partially) this reason: MTX make games less fun (even cosmetics are kind of a bummer) and everybody hates them.

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I don’t really see Battle Passes as much of an improvement. Obviously there are levels and some BPs are scummier than others. Just look at Chocobo GP and Halo Infinite. Ultimately, they exist to keep players invested in their game’s attention economy. Yes, if you manage to grind the 80 hours it takes to unlock the premium currency in this BP, you can get the next one for “free” but at that point, it’s just a play-to-earn game with no way to cash out. You got FOMO’d into grinding the most efficient map with the highest EXP/hour in order to get paid the equivalent of vastly under minimum wage for the opportunity to get the next BP for free. It’s still a design that encourages negative feedback loops. At least a subscription game respects your time more.

This is, sadly, not even close to the first game to do this sort of thing.