Gran Turismo Sport Finally Gets a Release Date, But Has to Play Catch-Up


PlayStation's flagship racing game finally starts its engine.

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At this point I can’t imagine Gran Turismo bleeding off Forza fans for two big reasons: rewind and the driving line. As someone who isn’t all that into complete simulation driving, these two features provide such a big improvement to my experience that I simply will not play games that don’t have them. GT will always have its fans, but for those of us who want to putz around in cars without the frustration, the series may as well not exist.


Does GT not have a drving line? I hgaven’t played since GT4 but that one did.


Honestly I didn’t realize that it did. The last GT I played was 3 which I don’t believe had one. In any case, I do think GT is going for a more hardcore racing crowd than Forza, and I’d be more concerned with Project Cars as potential competition if I was Sony.