Granblue Fantasy (+ Relink & Versus) Thread

I recently got back into Granblue Fantasy as my peck and play everyday game after they started their big 5th Anniversary promotion, featuring the return of the incredibly generous Gachapin Roulette, and update which features a lot of quality of life changes like making the revolving weekly item gathering quests permanently available and a bunch of new characters based on the major Arcana.

Is anyone else currently playing? How do you feel about the new update? Or, for those of you that have played before and stopped, what got you into the game? Was there anything in it that drove you away?

Now seems like an especially good time to start playing (or get back into it) what with all the free stuff being given away right now.

But, let’s say you aren’t interested in a gacha game right now (or at all) did you know that there are several other Granblue games, as well as another season of the anime, in the works right now?

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is the action game that most people are probably aware of due to PlatinumGames working on it. They recently announced that they’re no longer doing any work on it!
The game was originally announced for a 2018 release but has been delayed once and currently doesn’t have a release window.

Here’s some video!

Arc System Works is also bringing their visual magic to the universe with Granblue Fantasy Versus!
The game is currently slated for release in 2019 and they recently revealed a new character as part of the Anniversary celebrations, Lowain! Here’s the trailer for him:

I’m personally more excited for Versus because of my fighting game bias but what do y’all think? Do any of the spin-off games catch your fancy? Are there any characters you’d like to see in either of them? Are they gonna add Djeeta (female player character) to either of them???

I’m REALLY looking forward to trying the action game.

So much so I’m thinking I might watch the anime first.

I’ve always low key liked a lot of the character artwork for the game. The action game really intrigues me.

I believe Djeeta has been confirmed for ReLink. Curious about it but I’m not expecting it until next year. I’d like to see some of the mobile game’s side stories in that type of game, though. If the game’s good I’d totally buy a bunch of episodic side story DLC.

Definitely looking forward to Versus but I have no idea how it’s going to play. They cited Street Fighter 2 in interviews but I think it’s a safe bet that it’ll be a bit more complicated than that. Definitely won’t be air dashes though.

For the mobile game itself I have like… almost 2 sparks ready to go. Gonna see what Gachapin gives me but I’ll probably spark during Flash Gala.

Yeah, I saw that she’s listed on the website as the main character along with Gran but from what I can tell I don’t think she’s been shown in any gameplay footage yet.

Re: Versus, I’ve noticed that they haven’t revealed any characters (yet) that aren’t primarily melee focused. Which might have something to do with this excerpt from this interview:

I’m super curious to see what this looks like in the game itself!

@EXWeis I haven’t seen the anime myself but it seems like it should be a decent starting point! It looks like it covers some of the early story arcs that introduce you to the main party members.
I don’t think they’ve said what the story of Relink is supposed to be but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it’s a brand new scenario instead of just retelling events from the game.

@Terranova One of the things I really appreciateabout GBF is that the character art is rendered in a single art style. It really makes the collab and crossover characters fit in really well too!

As for the game itself, I played the Alchemist Astray rerun and got the event Cagliostro and she’s great! One of the few characters that I actually wanted and that I knew about before I started playing, real glad I didn’t have to luck out on rolls to get her.
I’m still saving up for at least one spark (nowhere near it at this point) and my Gachapin rolls have been decent so far! I actually got a couple of SSR characters in elements where I didn’t have any (Water and Fire) and I’m still getting loads of R and SR characters too!

They haven’t shown anything yet but I think we can assume Versus will have at least one ranged character since Metera’s bow is in the logo.

I really like the look of Granblue Fantasy. I even imported a starter deck of the tcg despite not knowing how to read japanese.
But I find it so difficult to get into it since there isn’t a handy dandy app to download.

I pretty much just treat it like a PC game, since it makes my terrible old phone choke to death anyways.

Also, I experienced the full range of gacha emotions today: Got a frenzy for the new banner, rolled once, got a Vortex Dragon to immediately end the frenzy… but then the new SECOND frenzy showed up and I rolled once and got S.Grea.

…Then the gacha reset for the day and my free roll got me another Vortex Dragon.

I spent most of the last week making my way through the story mode so I could unlock the Arcarum and the fight you do just before that completely demolished me. So I finally started to engage with the weapon upgrade systems and finally figured out what a ‘grid’ is. I can absolutely see the long grind towards incremental progress and farming for upgrade materials that lies ahead but I think I’m super into it?

The boss theme for the fight in question is great too:

Anyway, after figuring out a semi-decent setup I finished the Inchoate World (great name, btw) boss fight and unlocked the Arcarum which is a daily mini-dungeon that seems super cool! Kinda wished I unlocked this earlier so I don’t have to wait so long to get all the unlockable characters from it.

I think I also got my first double frenzy since I last posted… which ended yesterday after I pulled two SSR summons from the same element. The got another one yesterday and pulled two limited characters from the current banner including the new character that seems really gay?

@Geminiking3 When I read this I thought they went and made a physical version of Shadowverse (which after getting back into it recently seems kind of difficult) but I had no idea there was a totally different Granblue card game out there! And I don’t know if your last comment is about the mobile game but there totally is an app for it! It requires jumping through some hoops to get a Japanese account on the App Store for iOS. I assume there is a similar process for the Google Play store but I’ve never used it so I couldn’t say one way or the other.

Unfortunately the TCG is discontinued. You can find the starter decks cheap enough (I got mine for like $15 with free shipping) but boosters are pretty much impossible. The art and graphic design is really cool though.

I know that there are things you can do, but I don’t love the hoop jumping. I tried once and eventually got it working in browser after like 30 minutes of fiddling, but it required a lot of checking tutorials and finding one that was up to date since I can’t read Japanese. By the time I got it working, I just wasn’t that engaged. Maybe I’ll try again at some point.

Ah, gotcha. I don’t know when the last time you tried play it was but since the full game is in English now the only necessary hoop is linking your account to a service so you can save your progress (and continue playing the game) and take your save across platforms.
You do have to look at one or two forms in Japanese and fill them out but it’s a relatively painless process. I could probably whip up an image that’ll help you out if you really need it but I totally understand if that’s not something that you wanna deal with!

I’m really excited for the versus title. I’m hoping this game is less combo focused, but who really knows. Once the community gets their hands on it, they’ll probably find some crazy stuff.

There’s been some new info released for both console games as they were featured in the June issue of Playstation Magazine UK.

You can read a summary of that information here:

You can also check out some scans from the issue here:

In addition to that, there will be closed beta on PS4 for Granblue Fantsy Versus that runs from May 31st to June 1st! Signups are open now and end on the 23rd.
You can find more information about it and apply for the closed beta here:

There’s also another teaser for Versus featuring footage from an exhibition match between Daigo Umehara and Fuudo: