'Granblue Fantasy Versus' Actually Teaches You How to Play a Fighting Game

Fighting games are one of the harder game types to get into. And though most fighting game communities can be rather welcoming to new players, the individual games are often horrible at explaining basic mechanics that are taken for granted in the fighting game space. Granblue Fantasy Versus aims to change that.

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I had to look up this “hot catboy” business and wow, does it not disappoint:

They didn’t even mention that Lowain (who is not “Lil Wayne” as I misheard it) has a little robot girl friend too.


Fun fact about Lowain and co. is that everything that happens is a fantasy they’re talking about at the bar, so whether you win or lose it never really happened.



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Waypoint going to be what finally convinces me to figure out how to play Granblue on my mac and/or phone isn’t it?

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They basically get together and write fanfics that get out of hand. i.e. Lowain has a crush on Katalina (the lady knight that the little robot is designed after) and there was an event dedicated to the three catboys going drinking and trying to think of ways to impress her, only to have it devolve into a scenario where Katalina’s would-be girlfriend Vira destroys the world with a giant Katalina-shaped mecha.

Their win screen in Versus is them asleep at the table with everything that happened taking place in a dream bubble above their heads.


I bought GBV today, and was immediately drawn to Vaseraga because I like my BIGG BOIS, and I love how he’s secretly a super chill dude who likes knocking back beers with his bros despite looking like this:

I attempted Granblue on my phone and midway through the tutorial is flipped back to Japanese and I have no idea what’s going on, so I skipped the rest. Is there a twitter pitch on the summary? I got “floating sky land and dragons, magical girl can summon stuff.” Am I missing anything? XD

when lowain wins using his ssba, they dream about yggdrassil and how big she is. Which is understandable really

I laughed hearing Cado couldn’t finish FF7 on PC due to a scratch on the disk. I had the original PC port of the game too and could never finish it due to a bugged cut scene. At either the end of the second disk or start of the third a cut scene would crash the game, every time, without fail. A few years later I found out online it was a pretty common bug that could be worked around by renaming the video files to play an earlier cut scene that wouldn’t crash! I’ve played through Midgar about 3 times since then but never managed to finish.

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I gotta say…Murder by Numbers is great (so far). I’ve never played a picross before, and I’m really enjoying it, plus that detective/point-and-click/Phoenix Wright style game is really hitting the spot for me right now.

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Also in the English dub, he’s voiced by SungWon Cho.

There’s an alright anime adaptation, also Dragalia is fully localized and nearly identical in story and structure (though I would generally recommend against playing gacha games).

Where does Granblue Fantasy fit in the King Dragon/Chairem extended universe, that’s what I wanna know

Small note on the Ash of Gods: Redemption thing. The Banner Saga’s art and especially its backgrounds are heavily based on the work of artist and Disney background illustrator Eyvind Earle. So much so that there’s a character names after him in the game. He’s probably most famous for giving Sleeping Beauty it very distinct look.

This is all to say that The Banner Saga’s aesthetic isn’t an original creation of Stoic Studio and probably part of the reason why they’re ok with another developer using it.

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