Grand Theft Auto IV: Money or Revenge? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

  • Took the deal
  • Got revenge

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Yep, Red Dead Redemption 2’s got me thinking about this one again. At the time, this was one of the most brutal choices I’d ever faced in a game. Yes, Dimitri wronged me, but the money was good, real good. Good enough for Niko to maybe take one final stab at getting out of the life and I decided killing Darko wouldn’t change anything, so why would this be any different? My thought process at the time was heavily influenced by being a poor fourteen year old, but even now, a full decade later, I honestly can’t say whether or not I’d have Niko stick to his principles.


Losing Roman as a bowling partner is the real bad ending.


Money for revenge man that’s hardly an expense.


Anyone else think Dimitri looked like BBC film critic Mark Kermode?


I think I did revenge first. I think narratively, Roman being killed and Dimitri being the final boss worked better.


Yeah, the revenge ending assumed I cared about Kate, which I did not.



They should have kept you with Karen. Play with the idea of her being conflicted about working for the Feds and engaging with Niko romantically.

But no… She… She tries to anally rape a middle eastern man with a maglite flashlight in GTA V.

Awesome… yay…