‘Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy: the Definitive Edition,’ Is Not ‘GTA VI’

Rockstar Games has confirmed what we all knew: it’s releasing a definitive edition of the original Grand Theft Auto trilogy. Rumors of the forthcoming remake or remaster have been circulating online for months but Rockstar confirmed the games today with a teaser and the promise that the games would be coming soon. Once again, this is not an announcement for Grand Theft Auto 6, a game I will never live to see.

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I am interested to see how well these games hold up and if Rockstar changes anything about them mechanically. I think I liked Vice City? I remember at least really liking the music and the cars but I couldn’t tell you anything about the plot except that there was an RC level with a helicopter I hated.

Also it’s kind of weird to call this a Trilogy but leave off the first two games lol.

As I understand it the first one was published by several publishers by region and platform so that’s probably sticky in 2021. I played the first GTA on the PS Classic and oof it just isn’t fun to play these days.

I’d be more interested in seeing what Race n’ Chase (the original version of what would become GTA that was scraped) than those top-down GTAs

I’m also interested to see what they change. Grand Theft Auto III is great, but standard game mechanics have changed a lot. I think they added a way to actually aim rather than just use lock-on in the iOS version? Because shooting in that game was a mess.

The driving was really, really good, though, and the cops were absolutely insane. It’s still my favorite of any GTA to get into a chase with because the police have zero regard for their own lives. The missions were often bad, but they’re bad in V, too, so it’s about what you might expect.

I think it really depends for me hugely on whether they’re a remake or a remaster. As in, if it’s about adding a coat of paint and some extra polygons, count me out. I really, really enjoyed each of these games when I was younger, but at this point I feel like the mechanics and dated gameplay would feel really out of place with refreshed visuals.

But if it’s a remake? I mean, it could be the GTA equivalent of Skyblivion/Skywind. How many modders have made a passion project of taking the new engine and trying to work the old games in? Even GTA V really shows it’s age now (it’s 8 years old for chrissakes), but the engine is still far more modern and would absolutely give me enough to work with.

All I’ve wanted for years was to see a remake of Vice City. Will we get that?

I guess we’ll see soon!