Great gaming podcasts that go beyond site/news-related topics


Pretty much every major site has their own (or several) podcasts, as well as myriad other series that cover games in various fashions and forms. While learning about the site-related ones is usually easy, exploring beyond those can be quite a task

Some of those may be ongoing and current, some may be short-lived or discontinued, but all offer interesting game-related listening

Beyond news and critique
Final Games - Developers and journalists (guests have included Jason Schreier, Max Tempkin, and William Pugh) discuss their desert island games
Checkpoints - Interviews with developers (ie Rami Ismail, Bennett Foddy, and Chris Remo) about the games that have inspired them and had impacts on their lives.
A Life Well Wasted - Essentially the “This American Life” approach to topics related to games
Top Score - Discussion about video game scores and interviews with composers
Designer Notes - Talking with developers about why they make games and other game design elements
Game Is A 4 Letter Word - Another NPR-esque series about games and gaming
Infinite Ammo - Interviews with various indie game developers
Three Moves Ahead - Discussion on strategy games and strategy game mechanics/design
Headshots - Discussion on the psychology of gaming and recent gaming news
History Respawned - Focuses on exploring the historical context and accuracy of history-related games like AC, Mafia, and more

Indie games/Focused discussion (single game per episode or multiple episodes)
The Short Game - Focused on games that can be completed in a few hours or days, mostly indie games across PC, consoles, and mobile
Check It Out, Comrade - Two indie games discussed each episode
Cane and Rinse - Each episode looks at a single game, from a wide spectrum of classic, recent AAA, and indie titles
Dev Game Club - Veteran developers play and discuss a single game across several episodes
Watch Out For Fireballs - Focused on older games, although some episodes dicuss more recent releases such as Dishonored
Twenty Dollar Gaming - Monthly discussion about a $20 game that the hosts play throughout the previous month
Roguelike Radio - In-depth discussion and analysis of roguelikes, roguelites, and roguelike mechanics
Script Lock - A series of interviews with various writers and developers, focused on narrative and writing, and how they intersect with game design


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