Great moments in games... that you totally messed up


So I was talking to my brother about Nier: Automata and we started talking about the beginning of Route B when it plays back the options screen you set up during the first play-through. We both liked it, but the first time my brother set the options, he actually got up in the middle and grabbed lunch while leaving the game on, so the playback at the beginning of Route B was idle for like an hour. While he still thought it was cool (and really funny), his own actions ruined the moment.

So my question is this: What was a great moment in a game that was made worse by a mistake or decision you made? Maybe you were wearing a silly outfit in an important story moment. Maybe you totally whiffed it during a powerful sequence. Some more examples from my own experiences:

(mild spoilers below, larger ones blurred out)

Dark Souls 2: Beating the game wearing the Jester’s outfit made the final cutscene oddly dissonant.

Mario Odyssey: My brother died in the middle of the New Donk City Festival. Oh, and finding the mushroom kingdom paintingl[image|690x388]
Oh and I looked like this during an important scene:

Prey: I beat the December quest before beating the game and ruined the ending.

Life is Strange: Accidentally picked the choice I didn’t want at the end of the game… and twice again after reloading.


I mess up every setpiece moment in an Uncharted game by dying and having to do it over again.


Just totally clowned on Artorias with a glass cannon sorcery build and homing crystal soulmass. Oh yeah what a tense and dramatic fight, what a great struggle against this mythological – oh he’s dead already I guess

edit: tbf I don’t feel that made it “worse”, I really enjoy the idea of my dipshit witch just breaking the rules of the game and refusing to show due reverence to the plot.


Rocket league: Hitting the ball in your own goal during a super heated tie game.


Ruined an endgame flashback to the midgame climax of Xenoblade Chronicles by defeating the midboss in swimwear, forgetting I’d done that, and laughing as it tried to dramatically remind me of how much I’d overcome. While wearing underpants.


Extremely relatable moment.


The worst part was I was playing with friends and I had finally convinced them of why the choice I wanted to pick was the Correct One™ and then I went on to pick the wrong one three times.


Late game Bloodborne. (There are spoilers for late game Bloodborne blurred here. Don’t click on them if you haven’t played/care.)

After a few attempts on Mergo’s Wet Nurse, I had to step away from the game for a couple days. When I came back, the boss bugged out, and didn’t do the shadow phase, or summon a duplicate, and just… died in a really sloppy attempt. It was very unsatisfying. Then, out of curiosity, I picked the option that had what I suspect is otherwise the actual final boss just kill me to roll credits. The result of which being a very “oh, okay, well I guess that’s done then.” instead of any sense of accomplishment.

After that, I’ve been meaning to go back, but playing through the whole dang thing again just to play the final bits has been pretty easy to put off with other games in the backlog.


Not that great a moment but my favourite part of my cheating runs in Oblivion was always getting to bit with Mehrunes Dagon invading and just blasting him with enough damage that he literally melts. Like yeah Sean Bean go ahead and finish up your apodrakontosis to deal with this puddle of goo i guess


Playing the original Metal Gear Solid, I was at the point where you need to figure out which of the undercover soldiers is Meryl. I didn’t realize the pervy trick to the whole thing, so I just did what I normally did and stumble around shooting everyone when I got caught. I hit a soldier, her a girl’s voice groan, and think to myself “oh cool, girl soldiers!” Then I unload on her with the FAMAS to “game over.”



A long time ago I was playing Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. It was pretty fun in the moment to moment, but I wasn’t paying attention to the story in the slightest and just ran around shooting things ignoring any context.

Late in to the game I was close to beating one level and my mom called for dinner, so I saved and quit.

I didn’t get another chance to play for a couple days. When I loaded my save I took two steps and the ending sequence triggered and the credits rolled.

I had no idea it was the end of the game or that I was so close. So returning and expecting to shoot more Nazis and instead getting a brief story thing and the game being over felt a little anti climactic.


Hitman offers a number of entertaining possibilities for this (really mild spoiler for the Marrakech mission):

During the assassination method by which you can kill the target by disguising yrself as his masseuse, I was curious to hear all he had to say… which meant he got up before I had the chance to snap his neck mid-massage. “Heavens to betsy!” cries 47, naturally, as he panics at this change in circumstances and impulsively chucks a spanner at the target. Said spanner misses, bouncing off the wall. The target looks bemused for a second. 47, master assassin that he is, is left with no recourse but to just punch his target in the face. Top work, pal.

Note another instance when, struggling to think of how I should plan an assassination and execute one of the many elaborate schemes offered up by the game’s systems, I happened to walk past the target and - noticing there was conveniently no-one watching - pushed her over a ledge. You may be called 47, but to me, you’re NUMBER ONE AT ASSASSINATION AND YOU DESERVE THAT ON YOUR VERY OWN MUG


Big Same on that Prey ending


this is beautiful


I’m all about completely deflating the penultimate scene just before the game’s massive climax by stopping in front of the Huge Staircase/Massive Door/Long Gilded Hallway and saying to myself, “huh! well I wonder whats behind all these bushes to the left here”


I had this feeling almost the entirety of Shadow of the Colossus


This is not a hoisting by my own petard, which i feel is the spirit of the thread, but was the story that came to mind first.

When I played through Red Dead Redemption, there was a glitch and I never got that song as you enter Mexico, which everyone says is the best moment of that game


Oof, yeah, that’s a bummer!


I remember stopping to rest and thinking ‘I’ll just do this tomorrow’ after finishing what would turn out to be The Last of Us’ final sequence, expecting more dialogue and action in the next area.

Next day, late in the afternoon, it takes me all of sixty seconds to walk thirty feet, trigger a cutscene, then credits.

I also remember in DiRT Rally leading one event in Wales by just a hair, and on the very last stage, right as my co-driver calls out the last turn, I take said turn a little too fast, cannot powerslide in time and wind up slipping and rolling down a ditch. The funny thing is in the game they don’t really care if you’re on the road or flying into a row of trees, as long as you pass where the checkered flags are, they’ll still record you as having finished the stage.


Ooooh man, I spent hours trying to beat bowser in Super Mario Bros 3 on the Game Boy Advance. For those of you uninitiated, you beat him by getting him to ground pound through the floor until he breaks through the bottom and falls to his death. (Not sure if a nearly 30 year old game warrants a spoiler but y’know, cover the bases). Anyway, when I finally got him to break on through, I got it into my head that I was supposed to jump down in after him. You’re not supposed to. You die that way. I ruined the climax of Mario 3 through overzealousness, and it took me four or five more tries to beat him and not also jump down and accept my doom right along with him.