Great moments in games... that you totally messed up


I don’t know if it’s a great moment, but (minor spoilers for very early on in AC:Origins)

The first named assassination target, I had no idea I was killing at all. I was skulking around his guarded villa area and someone I hadn’t marked with the eagle managed to sneak up on me and I just button mashed at him reactively. So when a cutscene/flashback segment kicked in I had no idea what was going on because I thought I’d just offed a random guard.


I feel like I regularly ruin the endings of RPGs with bonus bosses by beating the bonus bosses before finishing the story. Ending a game by playing, well, the end seems like an appropriate way to finish it, but by the time I’ve gotten good enough to beat the bonus bosses, I’m overleveled for the final boss and kill them with no challenge. It ruins the drama when characters act like a fight is tough and in reality I’m essentially invincible.
Additionally, the grind to level up, finish sidequests, and beat the bosses usually takes long enough that the pacing of the story is destroyed, and that’s a problem I have in general with open world games, because I definitely try to go for 100% completion before seeing the credits.


The ending level of Fire Emblem Warriors went on way longer than I thought it would and I ran out of time. I had to put the system in sleep mode and then come back to watch the ending after I put my kid to bed.


Theres a moment in Assassins Creed Origins where you get betrayed by the Scarab and are buried alive out in the desert. Since everything is in real time most scenes in the game account for if you turned Bayeks hair/beard back on but this was one of the few that didnt, so i spent the entire scene imagining the Scarab shaving Bayek out of pure pettiness


In the quest where you have to pick a mask for the Masquerade in The Witcher 3, I picked the real gaudy purple and green bird mask, and proceeded to wear it for the entirety of the game. Every important scene from then on, Geralt was wearing that mask


I know exactly what mask you’re talking about and this is great!


I completely missed the most touching scene in Bioshock: Infinite because I wanted to see what that vending machine looked like when it was new


I love that mask lol. Best part of that game, imo


The more of these I read, the more come to me.

The end of Crisis Core is a moment I “messed up” by being too powerful.

So the ending of the game involves Zack fighting a hopeless fight. An entire army is coming down on him, and he’s valiantly sacrificing his life by fighting impossible odds. The flow of enemies never stops until you finally succumb to them and the final cut scene plays… At least it’s supposed to. By the time I got to the final mission, I was so overpowered that I was mowing down the endless waves of soldiers without batting an eye. I could keep healing myself and I was offing enemies so quickly that it wasn’t even a challenge. Eventually the game just throws in the towel and plays the exact same scene of a thoroughly defeated Zack despite the fact that I was absolutely dunking on everyone.


Explain how you messed up.


Playing Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin i managed to get to the final room of the game and beat the final bosses “bodyguards” without meeting the requirements to fight the final boss right after.

So i had this really tough fight with these two interesting bosses followed by my wandering around for a couple hours finishing off a couple side areas before i could return to that final room and fight the much easier, much more boring Final Boss. completely ruined the climax of that game.

i was planning to make a video/write up about it because i feel like that just shouldn’t be possible to accidentally flub the ending that badly because of the weird gating in that game.


Similarly, I accidentally hit the button to dismount my horse in that section, about two seconds after the music started.


It’s totally worth doing another playthrough to see what you’ve missed/the DLC stuff while trying some different weapons, and it may take less time than you think. My second playthrough went so much faster than the first – reached the woods in a single evening of play, but without feeling like I was rushing through.

I found this, but I feel like it isn’t messing up a great moment as much as finding a different one? I can’t say it’s as cool as just being unexpectedly dropped into the Mushroom Kingdom post-game, but the moment when the painting’s destination becomes clear and you realize what must lie ahead is also very cool.

The way Hitman 2016 builds up the feeling of swanky spy bravado while also setting the stage for you to comically deflate it is one of my favorite things about it.


Fair lol. It wasn’t really messing up, but some of those scenes were real hard to take seriously. I regret nothing though