Greatest Mega Drive game



For me it’s either of these.

Sorry if this is kind of a boring thread.


Listen to this:

OMG, listen to this theme!!! They tried a lot, but no other Road Rash got close to Road Rash 2.


was that the one with the purple super bike? I used to cheat to get that all the time. Great memories!


also that classic warbly mega drive synth sound is amazing.


or this.


Streets of Rage 2 is the GOAT.


I have to get on the Streets of Rage 2 wagon. It’s so damn repetitive yet utterly cathartic. There’s some horrible vigilante justice readings you could do, and I have a suspicion it’s quite transphobic in the way several Japanese games are. But you punch people. And they go waaarrfgghh when they die. Good times.


I’ve tried a few other different beat 'em ups but they just don’t feel right in comparison do they?


I’d love to give Cadillacs and Dinosaurs a go again but I suspect you are right…


also just want to shout out the amazing music from Motoaki Takenouchi who I think did the music for both Landstalker and Shining Force.

really proggy and weird stuff in places.