GTA: Montana? (Far Cry 5)


Oh wow, you know that subtlety Far Cry 3 onwards is known for? On a scale of 1 to 10, how far past 11 do we think Ubisoft are aiming for with the new Far Cry game (which would seem to go head to head with GTA V) considering this is the publisher of Wildlands?

Trumpism/libertarian separatists, Amerikkka, and Christendom is up next? Less certain about the second as the larger promo art/box art(?) shows a bound presumed-White person with “Sinner” painted on their back (the protagonist?) so they may be intending to conspicuously ignore racial politics with an all-White cast (which would itself be a commentary/political stance).

I generally air on the side of giving the French publisher the benefit of the doubt (especially as they plaster the Rightist militarism conspiracy branding on a lot of their games to make it very clear what framing they’ll be working within for their “patriotic murder fetishism” titles) but this is already setting off some alarms that they’re planning to precisely chase GTA (with Wildlands being a test of some of the side-dialogue tone). I’m reminded of recent podcast comments from @danielle about poor handing of religion in games.

“this reminds me of that really bad movie [The Purge: Election Year] where there’s a national shoot whomever you want day which was essential white liberal porn” - Mattie


Yeah, knowing Ubisoft, I’m sure this’ll be treated with plenty of subtlety and nuance.



I am prepared to bathe in its misguided shock moments and genuinely ignorant ideas on its own setting. I think I once penned something like this in a fever dream “but wouldn’t it be extremely dumb if far cry did…?”

And then 5 months later the head writer will tell everybody they didn’t get the depth.
Ubisoft, arrête d’essayer de me surprende.


The only thing I would like at this point is for Ubisoft to just tell us that they don’t care about anything, and not trying to justify their settings in the most offensive way possible like they did with Wildlands.


Everything should just be Blood dragon from now on. I am being serious.


They are going to attempt to say some things about racism, fuck it up hilariously, then try to tell everyone why they actually handled racism really well and anyway it’s just a game so can’t people lighten up already yeeeeesh.

It could also just be about bringing down an asshole nationalist paramilitary group that’s unequivocally bad, so IDK, it could turn out alright.


This is the correct answer.

If they wanted to make it a “Montana” theme they could make it FAR CRY: BLOOD BEAR MOUNTAIN.

You know you want to play FAR CRY: BLOOD BEAR MOUNTAIN.


I wonder if this is just a resurgence of Hixplotation where ignorant country folk are the true evil against the highly educated elite. While I think white nationalism absolutely is evil, it’s naive and ignorant to assume it exists only in rural areas(the Koch Brothers, Guliani) and the painting of any farm person or country folk as a zealot usurper of democracy in favor of religious rule, simply by virtue of being country, just feels like more classist bullshit to me.


The game opens on a black screen. White text slowly fades in:

“The truth is somewhere in the middle.”


You my friend are sitting on a goldmine of an idea.
Like, imagine the subversion when you try to lure the bears to murder the indigenous people of wherever and instead they start step dancing and quoting zizek.
Ubisoft please hire us.


I would dearly love to play a game based on Justified but… I don’t think Ubisoft is the publisher who would be able to bring such a project to fruition, especially without the branding and going for their somewhat derivative-R* big picture narrative design (which removes any direct homage qualities that GTA games are built on). Would love to be proven wrong, as always.

I seem to remember one of the rumours was you played as a cop in this game so it’s maybe going to at least mine that fiction (although Ubi seem to be less overt in their referencing/lifting of popular media for their narrative beats). Obviously Montana is not Kentucky (says the European who just opened a map to double check those states are indeed very far apart).


“We are the Bears of Blood Mountain and we’re not here to judge, but to evaluate your perversions within the context of your communal values system to achieve a societal rediscovery -”

[scattered gunfire]

“please don’t shoot we are not what you would call “good” bears but we hold a certain value for sentient -”

[concentrated gunfire]

“fuck this.”



I think I adore you now.

Oh yes a grand commentary on nature vs humanity. Hayao Miyazaka on the commentary track.

(I don’t think this material is working I will leave now, thank you)


I feel like they’re trying to evoke the Gothic South but set their game in Montana.

I’m expecting the actual game to be another power fantasy open world playground that simply uses the culture of its setting to make charismatic villains without actually dealing with any of the baggage that comes up in the game.

I highly doubt that this will be a complex, nuanced look at the problems of religious fundamentalism in America. I have some more thoughts, but I want to wait until they show some of the game until I go down that rabbit hole.

If you look back at Far Cry 2, that’s a game that actually took its setting and world and dove into a lot of those issues and used it to actually depower the player even while sacrificing some of the fun everyone wanted in that game.


I guarantee you there’s an art director somewhere who’s really proud of themself for having the cool and original™ idea of parodying The Last Supper


No media anywhere has ever done that. Revolutionary. Pivotal. Disruptive.


“what if instead of doughty men in robes we made them handsome beardsmen with a rustic-urbane chic?”


Gee, I hope they paint American rural whites with the same brush of stereotypical, pseudo-mystical bullshit as they do brown peoples.

“You can see these members of the primitive mid-western warrior culture in the midst of a sacred ritual, drinking an intoxicating liquid known as moonshine, letting out the “yee-haw” warrior cry, and firing the traditional weapons of their people, the 12-gauge shotgun, into the air.”


Blood Dragon was pretty mediocre (and you could argue built upon the same unthinking Reagan-era nostalgia/revivalism that led to fascists coopting synthwave) so I don’t know I’d want another one of those either.


What are all the rednecks wearing these days? 125 dollar flannel shirts from Uniqlo? RUN THAT SHIT.