Guide a Race of Sentient Dolphins to Enlightenment in 'The Fermi Paradox'

By the time the Dolphins on Earth invent Jazz, their progress is nigh unstoppable. They race through the digital age into the space age and hurtle into the singularity like it's nothing. They've begun sending ships out into the universe, looking for intelligent life in space. They don't know about the race of sentient plants not too far away from them that I've been guiding, trying to keep them alive long enough to meet the Dolphins and hear their music.

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Jazz?! Everyone knows Dolphins are into New Age ambient music.

There’s some crossover between that and the Weather Channel-style studio jazz played at Cheesecake Factory. Maybe that’s what dolphins invented.

Anyway I’m not super big into buying Early Access stuff but Cara Ellison helped make it so I might make an exception.

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i haven’t been into a cheesecake factory in a decade but if they’re cranking out weather channel ambient new age jazz to chill to i may have to go back.