Guitars, Bass Guitars, Baritone Guitars, Any Other Instruments Really Let's Talk About Them

Do you play the guitar? The Ukulele? The electric Cello (If so damn you’re cool those things are rad as hell!)? Do you just really playing the riff to You Really Got Me and nothing else? That’s all awesome let’s talk about that!

I picked up a Squire Bass VI which is a weird mid point between traditional bass and a baritone guitar and I kinda love it. I had to swap out the bridge but I love how it sounds unplugged and I really like the way the strings feel. It’s such a weird guitar and I love it.


I currently have a Silvertone strat knockoff that I bought on ebay a few years ago for like $80, and that’s been really my only guitar since. I also have a very old guitar that’s supposedly a Teisco, and while it looks cool the electronics are messed up and the tuning pegs require the strength of a hundred men to turn, so I haven’t really played it much.

what I’d like to get is a decent Jaguar and some sort of “real” amp (not a tiny practice one), but it’s hard to take the plunge for the price of either. I’ve been thinking about getting an electronic drumset (only cause anything else would be too noisy), but again, cost is a tough thing to manage.

You might be able to make some upgrades to get that silvertone up to snuff but I’m not sure. There are also a lot of solid squier jaguars/Jazzmasters available that are good guitars at solid prices such as
and these:|Jazzmaster

Can’t help with amps I’m afraid

yeah, I was planning on getting a Squier. I heard some nasty things about them when I first started playing but I’ve noticed more and more people using them on stage and I’m certainly not putting on any shows (yet) so I’m assuming they’re good enough for whatever I’ll wanna do with one.

2 years ago, I grabbed a ukulele just to mess around with because school was making me depressed and messing around on an instrument for sake of just messing around is one of the ways I unwind. That ukulele was a gateway drug to me finally convincing myself to pick up an electric bass to mess around on 8 months ago. I grabbed a Squier Precision Bass because it was relatively cheap and came in a pack with an amp. That’s been fun to mess around with.

(I’ve also got a disassembled drum kit and various random percussion instruments, but those are from my high school days and have remained almost untouched for years. And a melodica that needs a new hose/tube or whatever the proper terminology is.)

heyyyy shoutouts to Silvertone knockoffs!! i’ve had a Silvertone P-bass Squier knockoff for 8 years now, it’s finally all the way busted and every fret on the G-string buzzes

recently sold my drum kit too, Yamaha DP Series that i loved to death

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I played the classical guitar since I was about 7 or 8 though in recent years I’ve fallen off that. Really was always more of a composer than a performer.

But in more recent years I’ve found joy in playing the Bass guitar. I like a good melodic bassline and often find it to secretly be the most fun bit, and the playing style I found is an oddly natural transition from playing classical guitar. So when I pick up a guitar nowadays it’s usually my acoustic bass guitar which I love to mess around with.

I have a steel string acoustic and an electric guitar too, but they don’t get a whole lot of use.

This is the only recording I know of me playing an electric guitar, for a piece of game music I wrote.

I’ve never been in a band, but it’s something I’d quite like to try.

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haha, I’ve got a buzzing issue on the low E and choked notes on the high E…I’ve also had to get some work done to the guitar a couple times before due to the electronics cutting out. I guess at this point I’d rather try to find a way to buy a new one than continue to pour money into this one

@KestrelPi that’s a neat little track! dig the old west vibes.

I’ve picked up playing again in the recent months to find something to focus on. I currently own a Les Paul standard 2008 edition in brimstone burst which is probably my most precious possession (figuratively and literally). At the moment I have it tuned down to drop A, because I wanted to try and play a song by Pallbearer and it has been a really fun experience. The strings are so loose and the gain so high so you can get some really weird noises out of it.

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Hi I play guitar somewhere somewhere between a beginner and intermediate level :slight_smile: I just play a hand-me-down Squier strat but I’m really interested in upgrading to a real Fender Telecaster or Jaguar/Jazzmaster. Anybody more experienced have some pros/cons on those models?

I am told this is a fantastic guitar for the price if you like the style of it:

Fenders are wonderful and the telecaster in particular is a joy to play, for me at least. If you want to take the next step after a Squire strat, a mid level telecaster is really nice “next step” guitar. The Jaguar and Jazzmaster are sweet as well, but if I remember correctly they’re also a bit more expensive.

The best thing you can do is go to a guitar store and try each of them out, and get a feel for them yourself, and finding one that feels right to you. If that’s a tele worth $900 or a jag worth $1100, then that’s what it is.

I have an Ibanez AS93, a Schecter C1 Hellraiser FR from when they had the EMG 81/85 pickups, a Fender Standard Jazz Bass, an Ovation Applause AE147, and an Admira Concerto classical guitar, and I play none of them enough.

Hey but how does anyone actually go about feeling comfortable enough to play in a music store? I’m a trans girl and the employees are always pretentious dudes who treat me like a child. In no other store is anyone anywhere near as scrutinized as when they’re in a music store and its bizarre

Oh that’s though. I’m just a cis dude so take this advice with a grain of salt and I won’t blame you for ignoring it. But I would go in with a friend who knows about guitars and gives off a vibe of “Fuck with me or my friend and I will fuck you up” if at all possible. You might even be able to find someone who is willing to do that for you if you ask around. I can see how that might even be more awkward for you though

The best advise I can give you is try to find a better store, honestly. I haven’t had your specific problems but I know all to well that people working in music stores can be elitist pricks with shitty attitudes. I think the patronizing attitude is something that can easily infect you when you are in the role of “expert” so to speak. What I can tell you is that there are good stores out there, where they don’t treat people like that and where they can be very helpful. Try maybe looking for smaller stores that aren’t as busy where they are more comfortable with taking their time with costumers. I can’t guarantee that you won’t find assholes, but it’s a good place to start.

It is however also important to remember that you are effectively speaking to salesmen. They want you to buy something of course. Maybe bring someone you know who is experienced with playing guitars and has been in a few stores? Those same people will most likely also have a good idea which stores are good to try out.

yeah, I would second seeking out smaller, local stores, too. the clerks might be nicer at places like that than at a superstore or a chain, if that’s where you’ve been going. one near me that I’ve been to a few times has a woman working the counter and she’s been super helpful & nonjudgmental when I’ve been there & asked all sorts of questions, and a couple others I’ve been to have been good as well. my circumstances aren’t the same as yours, but I do deal with a lot of anxiety/imposter syndrome and I’ve never been made to feel unwelcome or stupid at smaller shops.

course if you HAVE gone to smaller places and gotten shitty attitudes, well yeah, you just gotta keep looking cause you’ve had bad luck so far. that kind of attitude is definitely prevalent in the community-at-large and it really sucks, but there’s definitely a lot of people who try to fight against that and I’m sure some of them have to be running shops near you. bringing someone with you might also be good, that might make people less prone to rudeness.

I hope you can find a good place soon!

The Action On My Bass Is Too High Towards The Bottom Of The Neck Which In This Case Means The Bit Where The Neck Meets The Body Of The Guitar Which I State Due To Not Knowing If The Bottom Of The Neck Refers To The Bottom Notes IE The Low Bass Notes Or Not And When I Lift My Finger Off The Strings They Sound Notes I Don’t Want And I Must Scream

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Over summer I sold my old Les Paul and got this mid 90s Guild Brian May sort-of-copy and it’s weird as hell and I adore it.

This pic isn’t my guitar specifically but same model.

It’s got all the sounds. Brian May originally built his guitar with so many quirks and guild slapped on a few more with this one after they’d run faithful copies for a few years.

So the body is chambered and short, the neck wide and skinny with 24 frets, and it has independent phase selection on each pickup so you can have any combination of pickups on/off in/out of phase which means yeah all the sounds. It goes from like a Jimmy Page sparkly jangle to a real thick humbucker sound cause Guild decided to scoot the middle pickup down for this model. Even the volume knob is weird, it actually straight up adds midrange in the like last 5-10 degrees of it’s rotation.

I also got a Takamine acoustic, a Fender Starcaster (not the jazzy looking one, the like double knockoff Strat), and an aggressively shitty 1960s Gibson acoustic that I found in a closet somewhere during high school. I put a chiquita banana sticker on it and took it everywhere with me back then.

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