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I was just about to recommend Justin as well. Rocksmith is fun and good and will definitely help you find your way around the frets, but it’s easy to pick up some bad habits since it doesn’t really give you very detailed feedback. I played Rocksmith a lot before I started doing his beginner course (he has a website with all sorts of good stuff), and there was definitely some things that I had to relearn.


I don’t doubt this! While Rocksmith has definitely given me more motivation to keep learning I already feel like I’m learning improperly, etc. and do take time to try other ways of learning on my own.

I think for me it’s past Fret 15 that I just really struggle with where I am on the neck. That’s definitely just a “more time and practice thing”.


One day


TIL that my jaguar P90 Blacktop (Yes I had to google that) is actually a short scale guitar and I had no idea for the years I have owned it

That’s probably the only signature guitar I’ve even thought about getting. It’s so pretty and fufills my mission statement of Only Own Offset Guitars And Basses From Now On.

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There is also a cheaper version that is supposed to be quite good but it’s only available in blue:

If it ever comes out in the black or red I will be all over that thing

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Yeah, the red one is the one that I really want. The red and gold with the rosewood neck and head just looks too good!

Then again:


I was going to post MY EYES OH GOD IT BURNS but the forums don’t think it’s a full sentence so I guess I won’t and just say I appreciate the eye bleeding nature of that guitar

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Okay so it looks like all I need to do to get one of those guitars is become a background dancer for St. Vincent:


I am very tempted by this at the moment:

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Having some real annoying problems with strings breaking. I’m playing on a Martin DCX1RAE. I don’t know if it’s me changing the strings wrong, but my strings will break constantly while tuning my guitar either up or down. I play around 15 different songs that are almost all in different tunings, so naturally I have to tune my guitar a lot while practicing, but that doesn’t seem like it should be enough to break the strings so frequently. I haven’t even had my current strings on for more than 3 weeks before my 1st and 3rd strings snapped yesterday and today. And it’s so infuriating because I had just worn down these Martin strings enough to where they produced a pretty nice tone, and now I have to replace two of them with new buzzing ones.

Sorry for the rant but does anyone know what the issue can be? The strings break near the top so it probably has nothing to do with the bridge pins or saddle I’m guessing.

Strings breaking near the top has me thinking it could be a nut issue or the frets in that area of the guitar aren’t smooth enough. Next time a string breaks identify if it broke over a fret. It could be worthwhile sanding down the fret just a bit.

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You might get the nut looked at by a luthier if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself though I’m not sure on the cost of that

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Hi I have like five bass guitars but I’m not in any bands right now how is everyone


Thanks for the tips. I’ll try taking the guitar down to my local music shop and see if they can look at the nut or the frets and maybe clean them up if needed and restring the guitar. They have a guy there I think who does repairs.
I’m so tired of this happening during practice.

I’ve got a fender fatstrat. It’s a bit of a mongrel ditching the classic pickup setup for humbuckers and the button that switches from pickup to humbuckers is broken and won’t stay in place. I’m kind of a fan of mongrel guitars, I feel you can take more authorship over them music you play on them - next to a classic fender strat where your sort of there with Jimmy Hendrix and Mark Knopfler…

These videos give me life

(I have not watched enough to know if this channel is deeply problematic in some way and because it is youtube I feel the need to state that)


Considering the prominent people making guitar gear videos, this seems like possibly the only unproblamatic gear channel I’ve ever seen.

(Also, a combination gear and vintage clothes review channel is like, maybe the best idea)

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There are so many of these

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Started to play Guitar about 5 yrs ago. Started out with just one of those starter editions Fender Acoustic Guitars and like most, it was a slow build.

To preface I’ve always had music as a hobby:
Piano at a very early age but stopped before middle school. Standup bass in elementary school (still know a little bit about my electric bass). Alto, Baritone, and Tenor saxophone during middle and high school (Jazz band in H.S., developed a huge appreciation and love of jazz because of this).

But as soon as I graduated from BMT for the USAF I used some of that extra money to buy myself a beautiful Taylor 214ce and got into some Clapton and basic classical/jazz stuff. Fast forward to Christmas of that year and my parents got me an awesome Epiphone Les Paul (teal blue wood grain) and that’s when I found my dude, Santana.

Basically, I’m at the stage where I’m fooling around with stuff, jamming with friends, and just using it as my biggest destresser.

2 extra things:

  1. There’s this thing my friends and I do every summer called “Lake Week” where we get to stay at his grandparents lake house in northern NY and this is where me and one of my best friends just basically set up our equipment and jam the whole time, and its great to share it with people who want to listen (alcohol/pot induced or not lol).

  2. Heres a link to a Jam where me and that friend I mentioned are both on guitar (I start out with the first solo stuff). It is NOT very good lol but it’s just us fooling around with our friends that love to record and do drums. We are very basic but we just do it for fun right now.

– Woah wrote a lot more than I thought I would but damn music is just so fun my dudes!