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Ok this might be more of a production question, but I’m super curious if anyone knows how they’re getting that mega punchy/round/tight bass guitar sound?

It doesn’t sound like there’s a whole lot of processing other than some EQ and a bunch of compression but I’m having a hard time getting the punchiness without some amount of flabbiness. That might just be my playing though.

Well, from the video it looks like the bass player is using a pick, that could have a bit to do with it. If you’re using your fingers make sure you’re not attacking too hard, let your amp or mixer or whatever give you the volume you need. And maybe try out a noise gate to cut decay? I don’t know, that’s what I can think of, but I’m not a good producer by any means!

I have a super cheap acoustic guitar that I’ve been looking at and am very afraid of picking at. I can definitely keep a beat and play an instrument, I played saxophone for 8 ish years, but a guitar? That stuff scares me to death haha.

They now make the cheaper version of the ST Vincent guitar in black

I’m going to try and hold of by telling myself they might one day have the red in a cheaper version as well

I was going to say that black is the missionary of guitar colors, but then I looked and that model still looks very cool.

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My beautiful boy lives!

After a year of collecting dust I finally Got around to sorting out my guitar, changed the five year old grody ass strings, scrubbed the fretboard, body and hardware to a nigh unrecognizable sheen, treated the entire neck with lemon oil over three times, put on the fattest, thickest d’addario EXL148 strings, tuned it to C standard and boy golly gee, the boy has never sounded better.

I’ve started trying to find songs that are set to C standard and while there isn’t a ton of variere I have finally gotten around to picking away at No One Knows by QOTSA and Freya by The Sword. It’s certainly not the most subtle of instruments anymore but holy shit is a great hard rock guitar.

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Shiny! I have borrowed a Gibson from a friends as I had to leave my normal guitar behind in a move and only brought my bass vi, and wow gibsons are heavy! the damn thing weighs more than my much larger bass! I am glad I got to borrow one as it is too much for me as nice as it sounds and feels. I am impressed with how nice the neck feels with it’s satin painted (I think) neck

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Some of the older Gibsons are friggin’ tree trunks for sure, mine isn’t too bad in comparison but compared to my friends reverend it’s… yeah, he’s a heavy boy. I think at this point I’m just committed to turning it into a stoner/doom/sludge machine, I just bought a Crown Of Horns fuzz pedal that sounds utterly disgusting, and I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can just cover the entire neighborhood in sludgy goodness.

Eventually I’m gonna have to look into getting another more versatile and, err, “normal” guitar but so far I’m having a lot of fun with it. The thick strings take some serious getting used to but the sound is amazing and you can really beat the hell out of them.

I love me some thick strings for sure which is maybe a tad odd given I’m just not a metal fan but I have just how absurdly thick the bass vi strings are for normal guitar work. I will say it is very nice to be able to switch between the really thick strings and lighter more normal guitar strings. It’s fun to go back to the lighter ones and have them feel so easy to move

Yeah it’s a transition period, especially with how long it’s been since I’ve really played regularly. I will say that the strings I bought were specifically designed for downtuning to C and I have no idea how anyone would be able to play on them in standard tuning. Then you read about a guy like Stevie Ray Vaughn who played on 16’s and I just… Then of course there’s the whole thing about how his fingers would start bleeding and he would try to close 'em up with glue because he was a guitar hero in the 80’s and apparently you can’t be a guitar hero in the 80’s and not taking, just, unbelievable amounts of illegal substances.

I feel like I had something to say about ol SRV but found this videos where he is at the peak of his chosen crafts of guitar, cultural appropriation, and being high as fuck:

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There really needs to be a larger discussion on 80’s guitarists and their erratic and at times down right offensive shirt choices.

You got stevie rocking a powder blue Kimono

Yngwie who (STILL) dressing as a Bloodstained character

And then there’s Steve Vai who… I mean…

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