Gun Game is the Purest Form of Call of Duty


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My only experience playing CoD this decade was when a roommate and I would pass the controller back and forth every other Gun Game. It’s a good mode.


I hadn’t seen the distinction of multiplayer broken down in quite this way before.

The paradox, then, is that these multiplayer games want us to feel like the experience is fresh and new each time while also keeping that freshness in a very particular container.

I think it captures it pretty well – we look for the familiar while also wanting to avoid the rigid repetivity that can come with, say, fighting the same heroes over-and-over in Overwatch or crashing down in the same area every time in Battlegrounds.


To be honest I don’t like cod’s gun game. The order of weapons isn’t great imo. You should start at the easier/stronger weapons and go towards the weaker ones or just randomize it to prevent snowballing.

Plus there’s no grenade which was easily the most satisfying kill in Counter Strike gun game.


I was thinking this, a reverse Gun game where everyone starts off super powerful, and then each kill gives you a slightly less powerful gun till you end up with a pistol


It would also mean if you get thrown into a match that’s halfway done you still have some chance of catching up. Not sure about others experience but the 5 or 10 matches I’ve played if you don’t get past pistols within the first minute you have no hope of ever catching up it feels.


As I remember it, this is how the Counterstrike 1.6 gun game mod worked. You started with the most powerful guns and got down to the pistols and then had to get your final kill with a knife. Sometimes it took that last person forever to get their knife kill and people would catch them.