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It is a well known fact that, the moment one begins working on a Gundam-related property, they are struck with an inability to make reasonable sounding names. This results in casts of characters with names like Quatre Raberba Winner, Hush Middy, Texan Dmitri, Revive Revival, and Quattro Bajeena.

With that in mind, please post the best Gundam names you can find in this thread. Feel free to use the Gundam Wiki for all your name finding needs.


Io Fleming is a good name for the character because it sounds like a douchebag kind of a name.

full frontal

they named a character full frontal


I have to go with G Gundam’s CHIBODEE CROCKETT, a true American hero.


Marbet Fingerhat from MS Victory Gundam is up there for me.

While technically unused, apparently Tomino’s early ZZ plans included a character named エルボー・スマッシュ


Elbow Smash.

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I didn’t stick with Iron-Blooded Orphans much past S1, but Mikazuki Augus is a fantastic name.

The single good thing about Gundam 00 is that you could laugh at the incredible names some of the characters have

otherwise it very extremely super duper aggressively shockingly bad

Okay but, I actually kind of want to watch Gundam 00 because of the ludicrous names?

I gotta know the fates of Bring Stabity and Hallelujah Haptism.

Iron-Blooded Orphans has Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Griffon.

And Chad Chadan.

And … Zack Lowe.

Don’t forget Sakura Pretzel.

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No please don’t…it’s so bad…so so so bad…

I watched nearly the entire first season of Iron Blooded Orphans before realizing that “McGillis” was the blond guy’s given name. That’s “McGillis Fareed” in full and it made my head spin every time.

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Bask Om is a classic, also there’s a Victory character who’s just named Kate Bush…

Carta Issue is a real good name.

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South Burning is one of my favorites of all time tbh

Gym Ghingham from Turn A is a pretty good one.

Or, in theme with the discourse zone, “Will Game”.

gundam 00 is good actually

I like Junko Jenko a whole bunch

I only got like the first few series under my belt, but I am a big fan of the Gouf in general, Big Zam, and Ramba Ral