Gundam Versus Waypoint Community Casual Tournament!


Hey y’all! Cross-posting this from @AncientMecha over on the fan Discord, who is working on a beginner tournament along with @Curly~. Very excited about this, and hoping that we can stream at least some of it!

Hey, all! just dropping in from #robots-for-everyone-cubix (I’ll post this again as we get closer to the tournament date)

We’re getting a Casual tournament together for Gundam Versus (Available Friday on PS4), the first proper game in the series to get localized since the Playstation 2 era!

If you’ve never played the series, it’s a fast paced 2 on 2, 3D lock-on fighting game with melee and ranged attacks. It’s a lot of fun, and I hope some new people give the series a shot! If you’re picking up the game, please consider joining. All skill levels welcome! We’re going to try to enlist some more experienced players together to teach novices the ropes.

No partner? No problem! Solo players will be teamed up as best we can manage, considering time zones and skill levels!

Tournament’s either gonna start on the weekend of the 6th or the 13th. so you’ll have some time to get the game and get acquainted.

I look forward to seeing a lot of new faces in…

The Gundam Versus Waypoint Fan Discord Open: (Casual) Encounters in Space!


Wait, why are we at war with Gundams? I did not sign up for this forum to be dragged into a war with giant robits


The second Garma’s life was taken, we were destined to remain at war with the Gundam.


Garma might not have deserved to die, but he needed to. Blame it on the misfortune of his birth.

I didn’t make it super clear in the text Austin cross-posted, but the Google Docs link is a registration form!

Thanks again for the shout-out! I’m very excited for this game to be getting a western release, and I thought a casual tournament would be a great way to introduce new players to this awesome franchise. BIG shout-out to Curly~ for helping me organize this thing since I’ve never done anything like it before!

The top post covers all the basics. Where this goes over the next week or so depends on how many people register. If we get enough people I’ll create a temporary Discord to keep everything sorted out and facilitate match scheduling, results reporting, etc. If it remains a smaller event I’ll just run everything through this thread and one of the Fan Discord channels.

Tournament style also depends on the number of teams registered. Round-robin if it’s smaller, double elimination ladder if it’s larger.

Anyway, feel free to respond to this thread, @ me, or PM me on here or on Discord if you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns.

And hey. Watch your backs. Team Dabbing Zaku is comin’ for that top slot


gonna be repping Team Surface Soldiers with Curly and cannot wait to see some new people to play with. Hopefully this will help awaken us to our Newtype powers

Gundam Versus Coming To PS4 This Fall!

Hey, all. Just a quick update here. I’d love to be able to stream most or all the matches from this tournament, or at least upload them after the fact, but the game seriously does not offer any good way to do that. Here’s what I know so far:

Video and match issues:

  • In the Japanese release, the Video recording and streaming via the PS4 Share function is disabled across 100% of the game.
  • The game has no spectator function. I thought previous games did, but maybe I’m misremembering that point.
  • Users can save replays of their own matches and subsequently upload those replays for download by others. Great, right? Nope. You can only upload one replay for every 100 matches played.

Copyright matters:

  • Many gameplay videos I’ve watched from the beta and Japanese release decide to mute the in-game music. Music licensing, especially outside of Japan, has been a bit of a sticky situation across the Gundam franchise’s history. I don’t know if these uploaders omit the music to avoid a known issue or if they’re just playing it safe.
  • Bandai Namco does not seem to be in the habit of issuing takedowns or strikes for videos of the game, so we’ve got that going for us in the event that we somehow actually get everything else sorted out.

IF (big if) we can figure out some solutions to the issue of actually getting all the matches together in some way, I’m willing to throw down and get a capture card and compile footage in some way. I’ve been trying to justify buying one for a while, so maybe this is the tipping point. We’ll see.

I’m reaching out to some of the more prolific Versus streamers to ask for advice on the matter, but I’m currently doubtful that we’ll find a good way to get everything.


I’m awful at this game and am loving every second of it. If anyone wants to play, send me a PM!


Somebody tell me the Baund Doc is S+ Tier


Edit for clarity: You can play your matches at any time within the fourteen day window of the tournament.

Alright everyone, here’s what’s up!

The tournament will begin on October 13th at 1200 GMT!

It’s going to be a round robin style, so you’ll be playing all the other teams in any order you want. Matches are best of five (first to three). You will have fourteen days from the start of the tournament to get all your matches played and reported, shouldn’t be a problem.

A final will be held between the top two teams at the end of the two weeks, or once all the matches have been completed.

I’ll get reporting sorted out in the week to come.

I’m probably going to implement a rule to limit changing suits or prevent counter picking, but it’s midnight and I just came up with that, so I should run it by Curly.

Regarding streaming and recording: None of the streamers I contacted got back to me, and I’ve found no workarounds. If you’ve got capture gear, feel free to record your matches (assuming you have the consent of all the other people playing). Maybe we can get enough together to make something cool out of it?


We are currently at TEN registrants! GET HYPE!

Four people appear to have teammates already, the other three teams will be mashed together soon so y’all can start practicing.

Registration will stay open through the 12th (probably a little longer, but no guarantees).

If you’re one of the currently registered unaffiliated individuals, please let me know your time zone so I can try to match your time zone with a teammate that’s not half a planet away.


I’m EST in Ontario!


Hi! I’m central. (New but actively practicing)


I’ve been playing the Japanese version for a good bit. I’m totally down, just filled out the form.

Theeeen I realized this is at 8 am EST on a Friday and I’ll probably be at work.

But if this becomes a regular thing I’m definitely down. The Super Zabi Bros will make you FEEL THE TEARS OF TIME.


Ugh I wish this wasn’t PS4 only!


Registered for both the forums and the tourney! I’m on the east coast with no partner.


Since the tournament is round-robin, you would be able to complete your matches any time in the two-week period!


Oh, awesome! Thanks. That part clearly didn’t quite sink in.

Looking forward to it! My younger brother is my partner but not much of a Waypoint reader does he need to fill out the form too or is my including him on mine enough?


Sorry to bombard you with questions but one more!

For those on the Japenese version, are there any restrictions on DLC suits? (Scramble Gundam and Barbatos Lupus were included with the premium G sound version, for example, and I’ve purchased the Virtue, Rebake, and G-Self Perfect Pack)


I would prefer if your brother filled out his own form.

A) It’ll be much easier for me to keep track of, and I’d hate to drop someone in all the confusion.

and B) I’m asking all participants to affirm that they will abide by the Waypoint Fan Discord rules while engaging in the tournament and all related activities, so it’s important to me from a logistics standpoint to have that box checked. There’s a lot of toxicity in fighting games, and while I’m not going to assume that your brother is a jerk, I want to be able to hold all participants to a defined code of conduct.

Regarding DLC suits… go nuts I guess? Just remember that this is kind of a newbies tournament that’s just for fun and community building. So maybe if you know a hot strat, take a moment and think of what the most fun option would be, and whether that’s different from the most effective.


That’s fair. I’ll make sure we’re both on our best behavior. The toxicity in most fighting games is one of the reasons I don’t participate in things like this often, so I agree, that’s an excellent point.

I’m hardly an expert either, (as my win/lose but mostly lose ranked record can attest) I just wanted to make sure we weren’t being unfair by choosing suits others may not have access to. Virtue can be a tad ridiculous with the beam spam and is somehow a lower cost suit, so we will avoid using it.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’ll have him fill out the form as soon as I can.