Gunpla (and other plastic models)

Yeah it’s the cabling on the back. Making clothes for Gundam would actually be pretty funny IMO

wow, they really look like they’d be tricky. if they’re synthetic material i would be tempted to pass the ends through a lighter flame for half a second to get rid of the fraying bit and make them a bit more manageable.

the crossbone gundam comes with a big cloak, but i think that’s plastic as well. does have a beam cutlass though, so that helps.

The braided cloth cable can definitely be a bit tricky to work with. I didn’t run into the issue with the ends fraying because I used a very sharp hobby knife to cut it and I took my time making sure the ends were neatly tucked in underneath the plastic when assembling.


Yeah I used scissors which in retrospect maybe not the best choice. Will definitely use a hobby knife going forward!

Ok, I think I’m done messing about with this one. The Matt clearcoat goes a long way to making it look less plasticky.


You did a great job! That battle damage on the shield looks good.

thanks! i didn’t want to overdo it elsewhere, but it made sense for the shield to take the brunt of it. the shield is always the first thing to go, then the gun, then the legs (don’t need legs in space)

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