Gunpla (and other plastic models)

It’s from the IBO MS Option sets no. 8! Also comes with the big WoW shoulder pad, too.

I have some issues with IBO but the designs had a LOOK huh

love the Graze-esque suits

Yeah, I personally have some real complicated feelings about IBO, but the designs and overall aesthetic of the series and universe was just such a breath of fresh air visually.

I’ve been trying to work up the drive to watch S2 and like its so haaaaaard

I did buy the 1/100 Gundam Vidar cause that had SUCH A STYLE

If you’re having trouble starting S2 after the first, then I’d say you can give it a pass. Season 1 has a much tighter storyline and its faults are waaaaay less glaring in comparison.

Hey uh what’s that li’l zgok there in the corner of your first pic I’m very very interested in it???

Freakin’ love this design every time I see it, Jules.

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It’s this little guy though I think I got him from Barnes & Noble a few years ago.

Oh this is a cool thread idea!

I’m nearly done with my first custom Gunpla hand-painted model. It’s a Freedom Gundam painted to look like Pharah from Overwatch!


Oh my god that’s incredible I need one right now!!!

Bought a Graze High Mobility Commander Type 1/144 kit last year, haven’t managed to build it just yet cuz I don’t have gear to do a proper job.

I’m relatively new to this so here’s my current collection of favs

MG Full Armor Gundam and RX-78 The Origin
RG Sinanju
08th GM

The origin is INCREDIBLY articulated

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I spent a lot of time on an Advance of Zeta ver. Gaplant last fall



This is by far my favorite of the kits I have. MG Turn A with the moonlight butterfly option part. Loran figure from Megahouse too.


So they just announced a 1/1 statue and the RG of the Gundam Unicorn and I am all for it because I love that design.

However I do feel like a hypocrite cause I thought the Strike and all of Seed was so overexposed but eh ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I will buy that

Also, maybe this means a RG Banshee will be coming sometime down the line?

I haven’t built anything in a while - but really want to pick up a Crossbone X1. Just read the manga a few months back and totally fell in love with the design.

Also gotta pick up a Zeta Gundam or a Zaku II (Don’t have one, I’m a bad gunpla fan) sometime.



Hi I just finished building a Ghirarga tonight and I like it a lot??? I need a Zeydra to go with it…

I should probably just make an imgur album for all my gunpla pics because I also have a Julieta’s Reginlaze and a Dijeh as well as in-progress pics for everything. Another time, though!

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